Kelce Brothers Make History At Super Bowl LVII


Sofia Nevala , Reporter

It will be a family affair for the Kelce’s at Super Bowl LVII as the Kelce brothers will do something that has never been done before. Brothers Jason and Travis will face each other in the Super Bowl making NFL history as the first siblings to do so. 

Despite making history when competing for the Lombardi Trophy this year, the Kelce family is not new to the Super Bowl. Combined, the brothers have made three Super Bowl appearances. Travis has played in two Super Bowls, the 2019 season where his Kansas City Chiefs took down the San Francisco 49ers, and the 2020 season where the Chiefs fell to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jason on other hand has made one appearance, winning it all in 2017 when his Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots. 

There is an extensive history of brothers in the Super Bowl starting with some of the most famous, Eli and Peyton Manning who each won two rings. Twin brothers Jason and Devin McCourty who won rings together with the Patriots are also a notable duo. A second pair of twins Tiki and Ronde Barber have both made it to the Super Bowl as well, Ronde being the Barber brother who won a championship. All of these siblings have both made it to the Super Bowl at least once in their careers. What makes this year’s Super Bowl even more special is that the Kelce brothers will face each other, something that has never happened before. 

The brothers from Westlake, Ohio, were born two years apart and were involved in multiple sports at a young age. Travis played baseball, basketball, and football while Jason played both hockey and football. Football was the sport that stuck for the both of them and they played throughout high school before continuing their careers at the University of Cincinnati. Jason played both linebacker and running back while attending Cleveland Heights High School before walking on as a running back at Cincinnati in 2007. During his time at UC he switched positions to the offensive line where he primarily played left tackle before taking over at center in his senior season with the Bearcats. Kelce was later selected 191st overall by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2011 NFL draft. 

The two-year age gap of the brothers gave them an almost inevitable sibling rivalry. That rivalry ranged from 1v1 basketball games, to fights in the kitchen that damaged appliances and almost injured their dad, something Travis mentioned on Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli. As they have matured and joined the ranks of professional athletes, their bond has strengthened despite their busy schedules.  Sharing a common career has made their relationship stronger despite living in two different cities. 

The Kelce’s mother, Donna, has also been under the spotlight especially in recent weeks. In the past she has made headlines for attending two games in one day. Last season she was able to watch Jason play against the Buccaneers and then make it to Kansas City to see part of Travis’s game as well. She went 1-1 that day seeing the Eagles lose and the Chiefs win. This year she will become the first mother to have her two sons go up against each other in the Super Bowl. Earlier this week on the Kelce’s podcast, she reminisced about the past Super Bowls and how much stress was added by those. In regards to this Super Bowl she said: “This one is just going to be pure joy, pure fun. You’re both in there! How could it be any better than this? It’s going to be the best day ever — except the day both of you were born.” Fans have also quickly grown to love Mrs. Kelce.  They have even created a petition to let her do the coin toss which has accumulated just over 184,000 signatures. 

The Kelce brothers are one of the top stories of this year’s Super Bowl. Despite the pressure, the brothers have still collaborated on their shared podcast, “New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce.“ As we look to Sunday Night, the lights will shine bright as both Kelce brothers take the stage for the biggest game of the year. The world will be watching as the brothers play for the ultimate NFL team accomplishment.  Whether you’re rooting for the Eagles or the Chiefs someone will be disappointed at the end except for Donna Kelce.  As Travis Kelce said “My mom can’t lose. “