Kinsey Temple

Senior Spotlight


Madison Brady, Reporter

Kinsey Temple, a well-rounded student and friend, is finishing her senior year at John Adams High School on a high note. She is an extremely unique, smart, innovative, and kind-hearted person. She is a triplet and has two brothers who also go to Adams. A few of her hobbies include reading, art, listening to music, hanging out with friends, watching movies, and baking. She is also involved in numerous extracurriculars and higher level classes which has allowed her to become the best version of herself academically. On a social level, she has been able to meet new people and become closer with those around her through her participation in various activities.

Kinsey has been able to keep herself busy the past four years in high school by being involved in a multitude of extracurriculars. She is involved in Art Club, Yearbook, Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Society, National Honor Society, John Adams Volunteer Association, and Student Advocates for IB Diversity. She also holds many positions in many of these clubs including being the Co-President of Art Club, Senior Editor of the Yearbook, and a Spanish Honor Society Officer. Out of those seven activities, Yearbook is her favorite because she is allowed to let her creativity thrive. On the more academic side, Kinsey is a partial IB student, and she also takes a few AP classes. Some of the classes that she is currently taking this year are art, English, Spanish, psychology, and more. Balancing her school work as well as her extracurriculars has been a challenge for Kinsey, but she has pushed herself and managed to stay on top of it. 

Over the course of her high school years, Kinsey has found many things that she enjoys and loves. After the start of Covid, she pushed herself to join multiple new clubs. By stepping out of her comfort zone, she was able to meet new people, thus making her experience more enjoyable. Another part of her high school career in which she had to push herself out of her comfort zone was doing the rigorous coursework in partial IB. She was able to apply herself in multiple subjects and learn how to manage her schedule. There were a few teachers along the way who made it a little bit easier to stay engaged, but as she says, a lot of what she did throughout high school was “self-led”. Kinsey learned how to be independent but also still feel connected with her peers, since many of them were going through the same things. She learned a lot about herself, as well as a few ideas about what she wants to do after her high school career comes to a close. 

Kinsey’s advice to underclassmen is to try a bunch of things. She recommends that students step out of their comfort zones and meet new people to help make their high school experience a bit more enjoyable. She also has a few favorite memories throughout high school, including when her class or club would participate in activities together. An example being National Honor Society’s Night of the Arts, as well as the homecoming football game. A few other specific memories from her senior year were having a booth downtown at Art Beat for Art Club where they raised 700 dollars for art funds. She was able to vote for the first time this past year, and she even enjoyed the MORP Halloween dance. She had a proud moment watching her brother play soccer for Adams and especially enjoyed her time working for The Tower’s instagram. There were also a few things Kinsey said she would miss about high school. One of them being the drive to school when she could listen to music and drive with no snow, just enjoying the sunrise. 

After high school, Kinsey is considering attending either Indiana University Bloomington or Notre Dame. She is not entirely sure what she wants to do once she graduates, but is considering going into graphic design. Some other possibilities are English, marketing, creative direction, and publishing. Although she is not sure on what she wants to do yet, she knows one thing for sure, and that is to stay close with her family. Family is very important to her, and she especially cherishes the relationship she has with her brothers. Kinsey is hoping to experiment with new things in college to find what she likes, as well as meet new people and form friendships. One of Kinsey’s brothers said that she is “a compassionate person who loves to laugh. She has a bright future”. She hopes to continue to thrive and end her high school career positively with the people she loves surrounding her.