JAHS DECA Highlight


Madalyn Berry, Reporter

Distributive Education Clubs of America, also known as DECA, is a national highschool student organization that focuses on leadership, team work, and problem solving skills. It consists of four career paths, marketing, finance, hospitality, and management for high schools to compete around the globe. DECA used to be strictly marketing but it opened up to more career paths to help educate the youth of America to get into business. DECA helps prepare the youth of America for the future of America by pushing teenagers to think outside the box and solve real-world problems. One might call DECA a sport, but others see it as a competitive place where highschool and college students go to regionals, state and nationals. All competing to win in their category, winning is not the most important part to members. It helps prepare students for the future and give them good opportunities in their school. John Adams High School has DECA club available for all grade levels.
Daniel Santos, the head director of DECA at John Adams explains the benefits, learning opportunities, and fun activities the club has to offer. Commitment is Santos’ first rule when getting into DECA.
“If you are not committed to putting in the work then I won’t take you to compete” Santos said.
Santos feels that DECA is a good learning opportunity for kids and that if you show commitment then you are in the club. If one would like to join and are not enrolled in one of Santos’ business classes, it is required to take a practice test using DecaDirect. Santos mentions there is a fifty dollar fee for state, regional, and nationals, however by fundraising, all fees are paid for. Every day before and after school, Santos sells snacks and beverages to students to help fund for DECA
Though many students are not fully informed what DECA is, Santos believes there are many opportunities and connections you can make through the club.
“Leadership is not just a word but an active word,” Santos said. He further explains this as the best way to get into leadership positions is by being involved.
“Don’t choose to not do DECA because you don’t think you will make it to nationals, the experience is what counts and I always have at least one person qualify for nationals!” Santos said.