A Wonderful Winter Break Guide


Julia Maina, Editor-in-Chief

As the weeks slow down, the remaining days of school are just ahead of us. Though winter break consists mostly of catching up on rest, there are many fun things to do at home, and around the South Bend-Mishawaka area this winter break. 

Ice Skating

A winter classic, ice skating, is available not only at the famous Howard Park in South Bend, but new this season is IronWorks ice rink in Downtown Mishawaka. At both locations enjoy 90 minute skate sessions with family and friends. Prices vary from $7-$11.

IronWorks is in for the fun with Icebykes and Bumper Cars as well! For $8-$10 enjoy 15 minute sessions on the new, upbeat style of ice skating. To reserve tickets online, visit the Mishawaka facebook page of the Mishawaka Parks and Rec website. To reserve tickets to Howard Park, visit their website.


For $4 per person, you and friends can enjoy a day of tubing at St. Patrick’s Park. Available for all ages, the facility is open from 12 p.m.-5 p.m. Apart from the gate entrance fee, the tube is included in the $4 fee. To learn more information, visit the website

Coffee Shops

During the cold months of winter, try new or old local coffee shops. Bringing in the warmth that contrasts with the weather, spend time trying new drinks to add to your favorites. Shops like Sawy Coffee, Cloud Walking, Kodachrome Cafe, and Ragamuffin Bakery are all fan favorites by Tower writers. 

Plan a 2023 Mood Board

 Before the 2022 year ends, plan your 2023  mood board either for the whole year, or for each month. Creating a visual collection of how you want your year to go, mood boards can be made either physically or digitally. To start, brainstorm themes and ideas that you’d like to incorporate into your board. Then gather your favorite color palettes, inspiring quotes, graphics from your favorite magazine, artworks, fabrics, key words, etc. In putting everything together, be specific about what it is you want with your month and or year. Go beyond your expectations, and reach beyond your normal. 

Thrift Shopping

Thrifting can be an all year classic, but especially getting ready for the new year, explore your style and buy new pieces to add to your collection. Apps like Pinterest and Instagram are great for helping find new styles and basing looks off posts and pins. 


While going out is fun, there are many activities to do while staying at home. For people with artsy talents, take on redecorating or organizing your room. Repaint the walls, add more decor, make your room a space you feel comfortable in. A Christmas classic, making gingerbread houses are perfect for a holiday party with friends. In addition, try homemade hot chocolate while enjoying a holiday movie marathon. 


During winter break there’s so much you can do. Whether it’s around the house or around the area, winter break can be both fulfilling and relaxing. Enjoy your winter holiday, and see you in 2023!