Gift Ideas


JT Bellina, Reporter

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, it is time to buy those gifts for the people you care about most. Whether or not your biggest problem is procrastinating buying those gifts, or you are unable to find the perfect gift, these ideas should help you out during the stressful part of the holiday season. 

It has been some time since we have gotten a heavy snowfall, which only means we have a winter storm headed our way in the near future. So, you can count on winter clothing as a safe bet for a Christmas gift. Columbia Sportswear currently has huge markdowns on jackets, long sleeves, beanies, and more. The very popular Columbia fleece jackets are almost down 50% at the moment. On the topic of jackets, any product from the Nike Tech line is sure to satisfy whoever you are gifting, and although it is on the pricier side, it does come with the approval of Ice Spice. With more markdowns from Champion and Adidas, you can never go wrong with clothing. 

With the school days dragging on, many of us are using Spotify or Apple Music to get through the day. While this may not be the most exciting gift in the world, new Airpods or an Airpod case are an easy gift that ensures the person you’re buying for has at least another week until they lose the gift you’ve just bought them, but that’s besides the point. If you know someone plays music just as much at home, a speaker would also be a great gift to buy. There are a lot of different speakers out there, so this would be one that definitely just depends on your price range. 

If you are buying for that uncle that only watches sports, Fanatics is the best destination to find authentic jerseys for a price that you would not find on the team’s official website. Fanatics has a wide range of jerseys from a wide range of sports, national and international. If you don’t think jerseys/apparel is the way to go, paying for someone’s streaming service is a great idea as well. While ESPN+ is a great sports option, other services such as Hulu, Disney+, and Apple TV are also good options. 

If you think your procrastination will continue on a little longer, fair play. Just remember that Christmas Eve shopping says a lot about you. If you get desperate, purchasing someone’s favorite candy is a great way to let them know that you cared enough to try. Also remember that the products you see on TikTok have a 50/50 chance of looking as good as they do in the video you saw them in. Most importantly, remember to put on that smile when you open a gift yourself, and say thank you in the awkward way we do when we open gifts, the person who gave you that gift put in at least the minimum amount of effort too.