It’s Time to Cancel Black Friday

Its Time to Cancel Black Friday

Mariana Anderson, Reporter

I have always pictured Black Friday as a chaotic scene with people shoving each other and racing to get to deals before they run out. Although I don’t condone such ludicrous behavior, I do think that sounds more interesting than what I experienced this year. To put it simply, Black Friday 2022 basically convinced me that I will not be participating in this worn out tradition again. Lines were long, deals were not good, and everything was just too crowded for me to enjoy my time. Like many of you, I imagine, this Black Friday I went out, hoping to score deals at some of my favorite stores, yet, I was thoroughly disappointed. All my life I’ve been excited for the years that I have my license so I could go out and do as much shopping as I wanted on Black Friday. That year finally arrived, and I went into the day prepared to buy a bunch of unnecessary new things. I went to Plato’s Closet, and many mall stores, but it was all a major letdown. 


To start off, Plato’s Closet did not have any deals or special discounts. Like hello…?!  I was expecting that maybe there would be 50% off, or a “buy one get one” or something along those lines, but when I got there at 10am right when they opened, I found out that the only “deal” they have for Black Friday is new inventory that was put out. Of course I usually would be thrilled, but with the amount of people there, I was just overwhelmed. I ended up leaving with two things that I paid full price for, which I could have found any other day. The mall ended up being even more disappointing. I bought just one thing, and then I went home and shopped online. 


Maybe you’ve heard other people say it, but after this year I am confident that online shopping on Black Friday is the only way to go. I know for a fact that people agree, because this year’s Black Friday saw a 2.3% increase in online sales compared to 2021. It just makes so much more sense to shop online! There are better deals, bigger selections, and so many more shops you can look at from the comfort of your own home! The only Issue I see with it is the impact that Black Friday and consumerism are having on the environment, especially through online shopping. 


Although I am practically the first target for any ad thrown my way, and thoroughly believe in retail therapy, I do think that in the new year, it will be a great goal to try not to get persuaded by the scam that Black Friday is becoming. Cutting out Black Friday is just one way to rid ourselves of the intense pressure that companies put on us when deals are not even good anymore. If you still decide to do some Black Friday shopping next year, maybe try and think of others as you buy. For example, do some Christmas shopping or make a list of productive and necessary purchases you can make to help reduce your carbon footprint.