Verity by Colleen Hoover: Book Review

Verity by Colleen Hoover: Book Review

Adelyn Rabbitt, Reporter

 The book Verity, by Colleen Hoover, tells the story of a struggling writer named Lowen Ashleigh. Lowen is living in a financially tough living situation when she receives the job opportunity of a lifetime. This job opportunity would help her in her financial situation as well as to expand her writing career. Jeremy Crawford, the husband of the very popular author, Verity Crawford, hires Lowen to finish Verity’s bestselling book series due to a severe injury that Verity has recently faced. Jeremy does not give Lowen any details of the injury, except for the fact that Verity is no longer able to finish the series, and needs a talented writer to finish it for her.


In an attempt to be prepared to complete Verity’s series to the best of her ability, Lowen begins to stay at the Crawford’s house temporarily. In that time, she plans to read through Verity’s writing notes and past books in the series in preparation to begin writing. Lowen is dismayed when she finds an unfinished autobiography written by Verity. As Lowen reads it, she becomes increasingly horrified as the pages recount what actually happened the day that Verity’s daughter died, as well as other disturbing details that begin the moment that Verity met Jeremy and end with the truth of Verity’s injury.


Lowen becomes very on edge in the Crawford house and begins to notice strange things happening around her that she plays off as her just being paranoid. She hides the autobiography from Jeremy until she begins to become friends, and later more than friends with him. As their relationship grows and she cares for him more, she feels that she must tell him these horrible truths. No matter how much Jeremy loves Verity, Lowen believes that his reading of the autobiography would change that in an instant.


Verity is an incredible book packed with tons of heart-stopping plot twists. I recommend this book to any person who wants to be consumed in a book completely, practically unable to put it down. It is one of the best books that I have ever read, and it is definitely worth a read for anyone interested in mystery books with creepy, chilling story lines.