Bazzi’s Infinite Dream Tour


Julia Maina, Editor-in-Chief

Bazzi has and still is, giving the world a true “Infinite Dream”.

On November 4, 2022, pop star Andrew Bazzi made way through his tour performing at The Fillmore in Detroit, MI. The twenty-five year old Lebanese singer gained a mass amount of popularity in 2018 from his hit “Mine” which made famous appearances through Born and raised in Canton, MI, the full circle moment of performing in Michigan gave Bazzi a creative excitement for this special tour. Releasing his latest album “Infinite Dream”, Bazzi’s three year hiatus finally came to an end, surprising many fans.

Opening the show was an aspiring new artist, Seb Torgus, whose music ‘wowed’ the crowd to say the least. The new and thrilling songs with Torgus’ spin to his performance was an interesting opener. 

As the show quickly began, fans’ excitement grew. Behind a curtained screen, similar to Jack Harlow, the show began with the shadow of Bazzi singing “Infinite Dream”. 

“I want to create a home for people with my words and create fire for people with my warmth … I want to spread love” Bazzi tweeted.

The upbeat feel of “Infinite Dream” carries out into the rest of the album, serving as a base of positivity through the sadder, more heart wrenching songs. The crowd’s anticipation of finally realizing that we were all in the same room as THE Andrew Bazzi, “Lost In The Simulation” established the atmosphere that extended throughout the rest of the evening. 

One of my favorite songs, “Miss America” was queued next. Something about this song hits the spot undeniably for everyone in the theater. The lyrics and simple upbeat tune created a party like song makes it such a good song. 

The setlist went through songs “I Like That”, “Young and Alive”, “Uh Oh”, and “Little Miss Sunshine” and were intermixed with talking in between the songs. Bazzi’s way of performance created more of a connective event than I experienced with Jack Harlow.

Bazzi backtracked through his older albums with performances of “3:15”, “Fantasy”, “Why”, “Dreams”, “Cartier”, “Myself”, and “Mine” to bring fans back to their “Cosmic” state of mind. The nostalgic songs brought back special memories, my favorite of them all being “Cartier”. 

After closing the concert off with “Don’t Leave Me Now”, Bazzi’s concert has hands down beat Jack Harlow for my favorite concert to have attended. The meaning behind his songs and his way of performance is both charming and relatable. 

And now again I will present the best to worst songs on the album from my very biased opinion. Just like Harlow, most of my opinions are also based on both Harlow’s and Bazzi’s extraordinary looks; I mean what can I say, they’re both very handsome men. 

#1 Human: This song is single handedly in my top five favorite songs of Bazzi’s. The song resonates with many people, GenZ especially.

#2 dlma </3: This song simply has the perfect vibes. The lyrics, the beat, the rhythm, it was truly a life changing experience hearing this in person

#3 Miss America: Again, this song continues to give me chills every time I watch the video recording of the concert. It brings imagery of the fourth of july at a beach with tons of people and food and fireworks

#4 Will It Ever Feel The Same?: This song 100% deserves to be in the top five solely because it is very relatable. It’s all about his process of healing over a breakup and trying to emotionally let go 

#5 Only Fan: This is simply such a good upbeat and groovy song that listening to it puts me in a better mood

#6 Young & Alive: The “yolo” motto I try so hard to live by flows through this song. Living careless and free because we are, young and alive

#7 Infinite Dream: This is the foundation song of the album. Even though it’s thirty-four seconds long, there’s a lot to take in from that

#8 Uh Oh: The remaining do deserve recognition for not being the worst songs on the album, but there is nothing much to say about them.


#10 One Way Ticket

#11 Staying Up Late

#12 I Like That

#13 Heaven

These remaining songs are, in no particular order, my least (least) favorite songs on the album. They each are songs to sing to and enjoy, but aren’t a status of first choice songs when given aux.

  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • Holdin On
  •  Don’t Leave Me Now
  • Middle Man
  • Lost In The Simulation
  • Bird

To sum it up, Bazzi’s “Infinite Dream” really was a dream come true. Through connective audience/singer experiences, and the joys of being in the pit, this concert was for sure a 10/10.

When I said “I finna be in pit”, I meant “I finna be in pit”.