Backpacks in the Classroom


Madalyn Berry, Reporter

The topic of backpacks in school has aroused numerous opinions, both good and bad.
Back in 2020, when kids were getting sent home from covid, backpacks had never been a big concern at John Adams High School. With lockers back and covid becoming historic equals no more backpacks. The concern of safety is the main cause for this rule, but what about when they were allowed? The school was running safely and the students were prepared for anything their teachers threw at them.
Interviewing two students, one preferred carrying a tote bag as an alternative and one simply went as is. John Adams junior, Marissa Look, is one that chooses to carry her books rather than keep a tote bag. Look’s opinion on backpacks is very straight forward; carrying backpacks should be allowed. An advantage to backpacks would be that they make it easier to carry all the stuff you need and limits kids’ time spent in the hallway because there is no more need for lockers. Look also made a good point in saying how having backpacks would keep good students from being tardy, something Adams takes very seriously. She doesn’t think backpacks are a safety concern as long as the administration has effective rules in place to make sure the backpack is safe. A disadvantage to no backpacks is that they can be in the way of walkways which can create fire hazards. Another obvious disadvantage that Look points out is people can carry dangerous objects without others knowing, causing safety to become an issue.
Junior Lauren Quiroz had an opposite view of backpacks in school. Having preferred carrying a tote bag to make things easier, Quiroz thinks backpacks should remain in lockers. Despite this, she does think there should be exceptions like students that have injuries, disabilities, etc. She also stated that she thinks backpacks can be a safety concern. The perks Quiroz sees to backpacks are easy access to everything you need and not wasting time during the passing period to get books. She thinks the disadvantages are more clutter, more distraction, and more suspicion.
Backpacks have been a common issue among students and staff. Some may agree there’s no harm to them, others may disagree. While the matter is still divided, the opinions of all still stand.