Fall 2022 Fashion Inspo

Fall 2022 Fashion Inspo

Mariana Anderson and Adelyn Rabbitt

Just like all other seasons, this fall has many new and revived trends. In this article, we (Mariana and Addie) will discuss these and highlight our favorites of fall 2022.

  • Sweaters galore: No matter who you are, I promise you you will look hot in a sweater. That’s just a fact. Thrift one, steal one from your grandpa, or you can honestly be extra cool and crochet your own. Sweaters are always going to be timeless and versatile. If you are sick of just wearing your cute sweaters with jeans here are a few ways we recommend to style them: with a black mini skirt, long maxi skirts, cargo pants, layered with a turtleneck, you name it and honestly a sweater will match with it! So just experiment and we promise you will look great! Shop sweaters on Depop!
  • Black Doc Marten and Steve Madden boots/loafers: Loafers are a seamless way to add a bit of class to an outfit. If you are sick of sneakers and boots, loafers can spice up almost anything that you wear. They’re especially paired well with a black mini skirt and sweater, jeans and a top of your choice, or even a cute dress (mini, maxi, or midi). If you wanted more of a statement shoe, you could go with a full combat style boot. A good example is Doc Martens. Shop black Doc Martens , Shop Steve Madden brown boots , Shop Steve Madden black boots , Shop Steve Madden loafers


  • Mini black skirts: You can pair a black mini skirt with almost anything, whether it’s an oversized sweater, crop top and cardigan, turtleneck, oversized crewneck, or a cute unique top, a simple black mini skirt is bound to fit great with other pieces! You can also add sheer black or neutral tights to make the outfit even cuter, and a little warmer for those cold fall days. Shop black mini skirt
  • Converse: The classic high top all star Converse is the ultimate shoe to amp up your fall fits. Especially in black, these shoes have made an incredible comeback and are a staple of fall fashion this year. If you are interested in a more retro shoe, you can even pick up the Converse Chuck 70s. Some of our personal favorite colors for these shoes this fall include the dark green and brown. Shop All Star Converse , Shop Chuck 70s


  • Layering!!: The best way to bring any fit to the next level, and give people the illusion you are a fashion expert any day is to simply just layer your pieces! Put turtle necks under basic crewnecks, tights under skirts, leg warmers over tights, crochet/see through tops over other cute tops, fun jackets over fall fits, the possibilities are endless. Shop layering pieces on Depop!


  • Earmuffs: Now this may not be too relevant for many people, but we sometimes resent winter hats for ruining our hair or just being annoying and uncomfortable. The solution to this… EARMUFFS! We don’t know why people don’t talk about them more! They are adorable accessories,very comfortable, and do a perfect job  keeping you warm on those chilly fall days. If you want to even get extra fancy, we recommend getting the Ugg earmuffs that are also Bluetooth headphones. To us, that just seems like the perfect recipe for a “hot girl walk” in the cold seasons. Shop Ugg Earmuffs


  • Corduroy: Corduroy is one of the other most versatile trends for anyone! It is such a classic! The neutral browns, greens and beiges that corduroy are often made with are the best basic fall colors. A piece we think everyone needs this year is a staple pair of corduroy pants, especially if they are a little flared at the bottom. When paired with some black boots or neutral sneakers and a cute grandpa sweater, corduroy helps to create the ultimate fall fit. Shop corduroy on Depop!


  • Over accessorizing: By this, we mean chunky and layered. Examples are scarfs, leg warmers, chunky earrings, and layered jewelry. These accessories can zhoosh up your outfit and help you  advance your style. Plus everyone will think you look cool, it’s just a fact. Shop all accessories on Depop!


  • Brown: Brown is undoubtedly one of the most popular colors of this fall. Whether it is brown wide leg jeans, brown flare pants, brown skirts, dainty brown tops, brown sweaters, or brown zip ups, brown is a perfect color for the fall season.


  • Ugg boots: Not only are these boots ultra comfortable and warm, but they are also coming back into style as a fashion statement. Uggs are admittedly extremely expensive, but finding dupes isn’t too hard. Let’s be honest, with the era of thrifting continuing, brand names are seeming to become less and less necessary and seeked out. A good pair of Ugg-like boots can be a perfect final touch to cold weather outfits, and can be styled in so many ways! Shop short Ugg Boots


  • Headphones/wired earbuds: Airpods and other Bluetooth earbuds had their moment, but now it’s much cooler to wear wired headphones or earbuds. If you still prefer Bluetooth, chunky Bluetooth headphones are the way to go. They are not only extremely helpful, but also make you look like a style icon (see earmuffs).


  • Red accessories: Emma Chamberlain herself even said that the red accessory is superior to the generic black accessory. If you ask me there is almost nothing better than a deep burgundy red accessory for the fall season. This fall,  it is a personal goal for us to match with the leaves. This helps when picking out clothes because we know to gravitate towards the warmer tones of clothing. And the best way to add a pop of color in your wardrobe is with these red accessories:glasses, scarfs, boots, jewelry or even socks!  Shop red accessories on Depop!


  • Tote bags/messenger bags: This is a very sensible part of fall fashion. If you find the right over-the-shoulder bag, you can fit everything you need in it. Not only this, but it is also an amazing accessory to any outfit. Messenger bags are longer, and baggier, while tote bags are smaller. Depending on your everyday needs, you can choose whichever one is best for you. Either way, you will be that much more in style, while looking cute and being practical at the same time! Search any design on Etsy and you will most likely find it! Plus, supporting small businesses is also an awesome option: Shop Etsy tote bags