Taylor’s New Album

Taylors New Album

Madison Brady, Reporter

Towards the end of August, Taylor Swift announced that she was dropping a new album, Midnights, on October 21st. Many Swifties were thrilled when they heard about the release and have been anxiously waiting ever since. Taylor revealed that she would be releasing the album promptly at midnight, keeping her listeners awake all night. Little did she know that on the day of her album drop, she would break two records on Spotify.

Before October 22nd even began, Taylor Swift broke the record for most streamed album in a single day in Spotify history. Her fans were so eager to listen to her new album that many streamed it all in one day as soon as it got released. Her new album also held the top ten songs on the Billboard Hot 100. Not only did her album explode within the day, but she had good reviews and comments regarding it. Some described it as “a mellow version of Reputation” while others were “completely head over heels when they saw it had dropped in the morning”

Many people have opinions on each song in the new album, such as the explicit language, the rhythms, and favorites out of all thirteen songs. Some were shocked by the amount of songs on her album that contained language that Taylor would not normally use, and it made the songs more interesting to listen to. Many Swifties noticed right away that there is not a consistency with the rhythms used in each of her songs, some being softer while others are more upbeat. The most talked about songs on her album are “Anti-Hero” and “Snow on the Beach”. Many Swifties love these  songs and claim them as their favorites. 

Although Taylor has come out with multiple new albums in the last couple of years, she did not expect this one to blow up like it did. It was unexpecting and thrilling –an overall great release by this accomplished musician. A lot of Swifties enjoyed the album immensely and cannot wait for more content in the future. There has been a buzz ever since Taylor released her new album that she may be signifying a possible tour in the near future. This has become a new topic of conversation for many Swifties and trying to find out if it is true or not is the next big mission. Moving on from the new album will be more discussions about the rumored future tour and the endless possibilities Taylor has secretly set up.