MLB Playoff Preview

Jacob Gosz, Reporter

On October 7, the 2022 MLB playoffs officially kick off making way for the World Series on October 28. Every year the best of best teams compete for a World Series Title, and this year the stakes are higher than ever. 

With the MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement signed in March, playoffs will now take twelve teams, which will let the 4 division winning teams including the Yankees, Astros, Braves, and Dodgers, get a bye week. Possibly the most important series change is the fact that the Wild Card Series will be played in one ballpark and the series will only have three games rather than seven.


National League

Phillies vs. Braves- 

The Phillies defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in only two games, narrowly overtaking the Cardinals in game one with a ninth-inning comeback racking in six runs. In game two pitcher Aaron Nola shut down the Cardinals, leaving them scoreless. So far in the postseason, the Phillies have shown that they can shut down great hitters such as Pujols, Molina, and Goldschmidt with their pitching. 

The Phillies have great potential in the playoffs with an extremely capable lineup that can beat higher-ranking teams. The Braves have played well this season and finished second in total home runs. Their team is well-rounded and has great hitters as well as a great bullpen. With Kyle Wright and Max Fried in the bag for the Braves pitching, the series is most likely going to be very close and go to game five at Atlanta. 

Prediction-Phillies Win 3-2


Dodgers vs. Padres

The Padres brought the New York Mets to game three on October 10 with a shutout win at 6-0. The Padres were so dominant that the umpires checked Joe Musgrove’s ear for illegal substances and showed just how easily a top team can be beaten. Trent Grisham faced off extremely well against Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer which helped the Padres seal their win. 

With that being said, the Dodgers have been nothing short of exceptional this year. They won 111 games this season and have a 14-5 record against the Padres. Their lineup effectively punishes teams with their clutch-hitting and solid defense. Their team is a powerhouse in the playoffs but coming off of a bye week and a game five home field advantage, the Dodgers have the opportunity to seal the deal. With that being said, the Dodgers will have a tough time tackling their San Diego rival.

Prediction-Dodgers Win 3-2


American League

Guardians vs. Yankees

The Guardians swept the Tampa Bay Rays in their Wild Card game and showed just how versatile and skilled they are. Tampa Bay was expected to be a very challenging opponent for the Guardians but the Yankees have been dominant all season. Their lineup has great offense with players Judge, Stanton, and Rizzo capable of consistently driving in runs. 

Although the Yankees have a top offense and a well-rounded team with great relievers, the Guardians have a sound defense and a great pitching staff. Their ability to shut down the New York Yankees will be a challenge. The Guardians’ roster is young and extremely talented, whereas the Yankees have many talented, experienced players who have been to the playoffs multiple times. The Guardians and Yankees series could go either way, which is why the series largely is going to depend on how well the pitching staff can shut out hitters and limit runs.

Prediction-Yankees Win 3-2


Astros vs. Mariners

The Mariners swept the Blue Jays in the 2-0 Wild Card Series. In game two, the Mariners were down 8-1 in the bottom of the fifth inning and finished the game with a whopping  10-9 win. The Mariners have not made the playoffs since 2001, and their comeback win is one of the biggest comebacks in postseason history. 

The Mariners have been looked at as the underdogs of the playoffs due to their low seed and lack of playoff experience, but Seattle has shown that they are ready to win. Compared to the Mariners, the Astros have possibly one of the best rosters in the entire MLB. Their overall team is great at shutting down offenses and Houston can take advantage of their ability to shut out hitters and drive in runs. 

The Astros are coming off of a bye week, which means that their team is well rested and their pitching staff is ready to give it their all. This means that the Mariners have a natural disadvantage, but with how they have been playing recently, Seattle could prove a challenge for the Houston Astros. 

Prediction-Astros win 3-1