The Hype Behind Harry Styles Love On Tour


Mariana Anderson, Reporter

Harry Styles’ “Love On Tour”, is an extensive ongoing tour devoted to Harry Styles’ second and third albums Fine Line and Harry’s House. The tour became a great spectacle on opening night back in 2020, being one of the first major concert tours to begin after the Covid-19 pandemic. After two years, many people have noticed how the 28-year-old British musician has continued, as “Love On Tour” is still in motion. After the first round of United States residency shows, European shows, and the drop of Harry’s new album Harry’s House, Harry announced one more European leg of the tour,  as well as 44 new Canadian and US residency shows. 

One may think “there is no way he is still having fun” or “why are people still going to these shows?”, but this is a question that is simple to answer. The environment created at the “Love On Tour” shows is truly unexplainable, amazing, and freeing! Styles creates such a safe space for his fans at his concerts. Before every show he gives a brief speech to start off the night: “we have one job this evening and that is to entertain you wonderful people, and I promise you, we will do our absolute very best. But you also have one job, and that is to have as much fun as you possibly can. If you wanna sing, if you wanna dance, please feel free to do whatever it is you wanna do and be whoever it is you wanna be in this room tonight”. This speech is fulfilled by the audience every night of “Love On Tour” to its fullest potential, as the crowd is always electric. Along with that, “Love On Tour” has practically turned into a modern-day fashion show. Fans are encouraged to show up wearing extravagant and fun outfits, or whatever they feel best in. Styles even hosts what he calls “Harryween” (or Harry Styles fancy dress party) on Halloween, where fans are asked to show up in fun costumes! It is almost impossible to go see Styles perform and spot a single person who does not feel good in their own skin while having the time of their life. Trust me: I know it from experience! 

Meredith Anella, junior at Adams explains, “When I saw him last year–even though I didn’t know like any of the songs– I still had an absolute blast!” She continues: “it was so much fun. I highly recommend.” Lily Goulding, a sophomore at Adams who was lucky enough to go to “Love On Tour” this summer in Dublin, Germany, exclaims, “When I went, it was just such a happy feeling, even just standing in line!” She recounts how she was passed a super sweet note that made her night, and how every interaction she had with other fans was so overwhelmingly positive. “You never really see [a positivity] like it!” “[It was] a crazy blend of amazing people spending an evening together: so happy with so much love,” she says.  

Now Style’s super fans are not the only ones raving about the delight of “Love On Tour”. Noah Beck, a well-known social media influencer, exclaims how fun it was when he learned the boot scoot with fans in the pit: “Dear all those fans who moshed with me at the Harry concert last night, we’re best friends now, truly unforgettable night!” Jimmy Fallon, the Saturday Night Live Host, expressed after going to one of Styles’ concerts at Madison Square Garden, that “That place was BOUNCIN’. Best fans as well!” Other influencers and celebs have also been seen having a great time at “Love On Tour”: James Corden, Lizzo, members of BTS, and even Madonna! Now if that doesn’t entice you to go see Harry Styles in concert, I don’t know what will!