Cloud Walking Cafe


Adelyn Rabbitt, Reporter

Cloud Walking Cafe made its mark on 1215 E Mishawaka Ave on January 21st, 2022 when it first opened. This cafe joins a few different new businesses into a singular, beautiful establishment. First, the coffee that is brewed and sold at the cafe is made by Cloud Walking Cafe itself. Then, Violet Sky Chocolate sells its delicious variety of premium chocolate bars in the cafe while Elder Bread sells its well-known sourdough bread loaves and pastries. Finally, Love and Macarons sells a variety of macarons in the cafe. All of these businesses combined to create a delightful and delicious experience for the cafegoers.

The hours of the cafe are very simple: 7 AM-6 PM Monday through Friday, and 8 AM-4 PM Saturday and Sunday. The weekday hours make this cafe a great place for the students of John Adams High School to study or do homework after school. For those who can’t yet drive or don’t have a car, it is a pleasant walk from Adams to the cafe. It takes about eight minutes to walk, depending on the weather and the person.

Cloud Walking Cafe is becoming more and more popular among high school students. Even students from other high schools know about the cafe and enjoy going there. The atmosphere is very peaceful, with either gentle ambient music or relaxing indie music playing. The decorations are colorful and somewhat eclectic, including many couches, loveseats, and chairs. It feels so cozy and warm, especially during the colder months. It is quiet enough to study or have a quiet conversation with a friend. While you study, you can sip a coffee and snack on a pastry. The cafe is often decently busy, but there always seems to be somewhere to sit. The staff is very kind and welcoming, as well as personable and helpful. There are also plants sold in the cafe, as well as beautiful pottery made by local artists.

If you’ve been thinking about visiting Cloud Walking Cafe, this is your sign to go. It is the perfect after-school destination to finish your homework before heading home. Once you try it, you might find yourself going back more often, and even inviting friends. Either way, it will undoubtedly be a great experience.