Romanticizing Fall


Julia Maina, Editor-in-Chief

Romanticizing life has become most popular amongst teens and young adults through the various social media platforms: TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. The act of romanticizing means to make something appear better or more appealing than it actually is. The overall goal of the romanticized life is thoroughly living life in the present moment, appreciating every little bit. During the fall seasons, many young women aspire to live a Rory Gilmore like fall. Here are some ways to romanticize the fall as the transition of seasons begin. 

The key to romanticizing fall comes down to fashion. Sweaters are an iconic staple in fall fashion. Sweaters bring turtlenecks, a great layering piece for the cooler fall days. Skirts have recently been circling back around, and can be paired with patterned, mesh tights or stockings. The very popular Boston Birkenstocks have been a hot topic in the realm of shoes for the fall. They have more of an old school look and can be worn with or without socks and are compatible with almost any outfit imaginable. 

As the spooky season creeps in, there are numerous activities to partake in to build up the romanticism. Movie marathon nights are perfect for a night with family or friends. Some not too scary movie staples: Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloweentown, Monster House, and Coraline. For those who love a good scare, some scary staples: Halloween, The Shining, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Midsommar, and Get Out. Films to feel the fall festive mood: Little Women, The Twilight Saga, Gilmore Girls, and The Harry Potter Franchise. 

Baking is a fall classic that pairs perfectly with any movie night. Pillsbury’s pumpkin shaped cookie dough and chocolate chip cookie dough are an easy make that can’t go wrong. Hot apple cider and a hot cup of hot chocolate are better homemade than storebought.

Additionally, haunted houses are always a  fun, frightening foray, but a favorite by many. Enjoy a night out at the infamous Niles Scream Park.

Plan out a day with friends to study at cute cafes around town: Chichory Cafe, The General, Sway Coffee and Java Cafe.  While pretending to do homework, you can chat about life and even order some seasonal fall drinks. Pumpkin spice lattes are a must, hot or iced, and if you’re feeling bold try a pumpkin cream cold brew or a pumpkin spiced chai. 

Keep in mind, the key to living a romanticized life is to be in the moment, take every opportunity presented, and  aspire to be ‘that girl’ and live by the phrase ‘YOLO’. Through these classic fall activities and style choices, you can explore ways to improve and elevate this year and make it uniquely unforgettable. As the TikTok girlies love to remind the people, “It’s almost time for cozy sweaters, gilmore girls, baking cookies, Harry Potter, lighting candles, crunchy leaves, reading in cafes, coraline, romanticizing school, vinyls, colorful trees, taylor swift, hot chocolate, layering, dark evenings, long walks in the rain, phoebe bridgers, hocus pocus, staying up late with a book, [and] pumpkin spice everything.” Romanticize this fall season and make it the best one yet.