Eden Blakemore

Senior Spotlight


Madison Brady, Reporter

Eden Blakemore, an accomplished John Adams student, has had an exciting senior year in high school so far. By hanging out with friends, going to school events, and being involved in extracurriculars, she has been able to enjoy her experience at Adams. Although being a student-athlete and doing the full International Baccalaureate program has been challenging, Eden has managed to to stay on top of it all. 

Throughout her four years at Adams, Eden has involved herself in a plethora of extracurricular activities including National Honors Society (NHS), Pride, Quiz Bowl, Mock Trial, John Adams Volunteer Association (JAVA), girls soccer, and more. She is an officer for NHS, captain for Quiz Bowl, and was a captain for the girls soccer team. Eden also started her own club last year, Pride, and is a board member. She has been involved in these various activities all throughout high school. Eden was in Mock Trial her first three years at Adams, she was a board member for JAVA last year, and has done quiz bowl since freshman year.  

Eden was born in South Bend, but in 2007 lived in London. She came back to South Bend, but ended up going back to London for a couple months in 2017. Prior to entering high school, Eden attended Stanley Clark kindergarten through eighth grade. She has always been an honor roll student and since high school, has decided to go for the IB diploma. Also, a few of her hobbies include reading and sewing. Although she doesn’t think she is very good at sewing, she can upcycle. 

Outside of school, Eden has been involved in a few summer programs. Last summer, she did a pre-college Columbia program in New York City for three weeks. Also, the summer before her junior year, Eden did a screenwriting intensive at Interlochen Art Boarding School in northern Michigan. These programs have helped keep her busy, as well as prepare her for what colleges she may want to attend.

Some colleges that Eden is planning on applying to are Boston University, Wesleyan University, University of Southern California (USC), Barnard, and New York University (NYU). She is hoping to get into one of her top college choices and also achieve a film studies degree. Although she is not entirely sure what she wants to do after high school, she is considering continuing her education after undergrad, and perhaps being a film critic. 

As a senior at John Adams High School, Eden is looking forward to many things. On the sports side of her senior year, she is looking forward to the girls soccer senior night against Goshen. On the school side, she is looking forward to beating St. Joe during Quiz Bowl season. Some of her favorite memories of high school were beating St. Joe in Quiz Bowl for the first time ever and IB History of the Americas her junior year. Throughout her four years at Adams, Eden was able to find her favorite classes as well as favorite teachers. Her favorite classes were HL Spanish with Mrs. Stanton, IB Film with Mrs. Tuttle, and AP World History her freshman year. 

Eden has many things to look forward to this year and she is ready to start this new chapter in her life. She is a well-respected person in the Adams community and is cherished by many. A close friend of Eden’s describes her as, “One of the most validating and mood lightening friends one could ever have, that is always there for you to trust with anything or to make you laugh when you most need it”. Eden is ready to make the most out of her senior year and see where life takes her from there.