New York City Subway Shooting


Naomi Presler, Reporter

On the morning of April 12, 2022, a mass shooting occurred on a northbound N train on the New York City Subway in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York. The shooter shot twenty three people with no deaths.

The Brooklyn Subway shooter suspect Frank James, 68, entered the subway wearing a construction workers uniform with a bag he struggled to get through the check in. When on the train, he set off two smoke canisters and put on a gas mask. He then fired shots, startling passengers. He shot twenty three people and according to emergency services, ten are in critical condition. Thankfully, they are projected to recover.

The subway train coordinated with another train to where passengers could escape onto a platform. Police and emergency services arrived almost immediately. 

Investigators were able to arrest the suspect thirty hours after the shooting. Investigators said that several eyewitnesses, photographs, and video surveillance were an aid to identifying James. The suspect also left key evidence such as a 9 mm Glock allegedly used in the shooting, his coat, a bag filled with fireworks and his credit card. 

As cameras were not working on the inside of the 36th Street subway station, he was filmed entering near the U-Haul he had purchased not long ago. The gunman was then spotted at the 7th Avenue station in Park Slope roughly three miles from the shooting. He used the R train from 36th Street station to flee the crime scene.

James’ credit card was used to purchase a U-Haul to escape the scene of the crime and to arrive on the N train. He had also bought the gun legally in Ohio in 2011. 

A cell phone alert was initiated with a description and picture of Frank James. A couple hours later an anonymous tip came in saying “I think you’re looking for me. I’m seeing my picture all over the news, and I’ll be around this McDonald’s”. He was not at the McDonald’s so police searched the surrounding areas and later at 1:45 pm, found James in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan and arrested him without incident, according to police. 

The FBI and police are working together using evidence to set a trial date.