Little Shop Of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors March 4-6, 2022 | Premier Arts


Julia Maina, Reporter

This March, the Lerner Theatre in Elkhart, IN presents the Little Shop Of Horrors. The musical/horror story portrays Greek moral tragedy and love with heroes seeking improvements on life by exploiting power. One of John Adams High School’s finest performers, Talea Gillespie stars in the show and below describes the works of the show, on and off stage. 

Talea has worked numerous days with the cast and has obtained the role of Chiffon, a street urchin. Talea’s sisters, Crystal and Ronnette are also a part of the show alongside her. They are all three sisters on and off stage which Talea thinks is very “unique”. 

The whole story is circled around Seymour, the main character, as he discovers a plant from outer space that feeds solely off human blood. Through this ordeal, he finds that life suddenly seems to go right for him. The show focuses on the greed of people and the consequences of fulfilling them. “I think that there are many greedy people in the world and being able to see it portrayed this way is better than someone trying to lecture you about it.” The horror/tragedy incorporated with love and music brings the entertainment all together. “That, and this show is awesome and you get to see a huge man eating plants. If that doesn’t get you to come I don’t know what will,” Talea laughed.

While the audience sees everything play out all together, there is a lot of work that goes into the production behind the scenes.  Auditions are the starting point for the show. “After auditions we start working on the songs.” In this show, Talea notes “it’s mostly just solos, song wise, but we start with bigger numbers to work everyone together.” Due to COVID-19, the number of cast members and the time to practice and work things out became shorter. “We only had maybe five months to get the show up and running,”Talea adds. Breaking the time down, the first two weeks are dedicated to vocals. This includes vocal coaches working with cast members individually and as a group. The next two weeks overlap with vocals and choreography. This incorporates dance numbers with the vocal numbers, finalizing the show. The final weeks are dedicated to technology. Talea mentions, “this is when you should really have your stuff done and memorized.” Finally, the full show runs, and then the full production of the show to the public.

Talea started her theater career when she was very young. She has been in the theater production with Premiere Arts (the production company putting on Little Shop Of Horrors), but notes she hasn’t performed in a production with them since middle school. Growing up with Premiere Arts, Talea “LOVES theater”. Having left and come back she explains that the workers, especially the director, still treat her like a kid. She goes on to say “the experience as a ‘kid’ as someone is very different. It’s a different environment, but a good one.”

March 4, 2022, and March 5,2022, The Lerner Theater presents Little Shop Of Horrors at 7:30pm EST. Additionally, on March 6, 2022, the last production of the show plays at 3pm EST as well. Tickets can be purchased at the box office or at The Lerner Theater website; prices running from $12-$25, see Adams, Talea Gillespie in art in Little Shop Of Horrors