Reid Metoyer

Senior Spotlight


Julia Maina, Reporter

Reid Metoyer, famous for the many roles he plays in at John Adams, moved to South Bend just at the age of twelve. Formerly living in Oregon, “it was a strange move”, but that never stopped him from trying new things. 

The full IB student partakes in the following classes: IB Math Analysis and Approaches, IB English, IB Environmental systems and societies, IB Philosophy, IB Spanish, and IB Music. Joining the IB Program has always been a goal for the young scholar. “My older sister did it and it was a really big pull from Adams for me to go here”. Although his goal isn’t quite accomplished yet, he has high hopes and expectations knowing that others did it and believing he can too. 

Along with the rigorous classes Reid attends, he is also very involved around the school as well. The many clubs and groups he is and has contributed to are Spanish Honor Society, Jazz and Pep band, Percussion Ensemble, National Honor Society, Quiz bowl, and the Student Advocates for the IB Diversity group. His inspiration comes from his IB Spanish teacher Mrs. Stanton-Verduzco. Teaching him for three years now, Reid would classify her as his favorite. “She’s just an amazing person overall. The way she commits herself to being inclusive and hearing everyone out I got into the National Honor Society from hearing about it from her”. His later discussions with Mrs. Stanton-Verduzco led him to the opportunities to join the many other clubs he takes part in now.

As president of ‘Student Advocates for IB Diversity’, Reid, along with others strive to bring awareness to the lack of diversity in the IB Program. Working with various counselors around the school, the group works to educate students [particularly incoming freshmen] about the IB Program, helping make the program “more accessible, and more inclusive to all people”. In addition to his prior inspiration from Mrs.Stanton-Verduzco, Reid makes out, “The way she likes to help people in less fortunate situations led me to want to do that myself.”

When asked the questions “How would you describe Reid?” and “How has Reid impacted your life?”, his friend Connor Mckenna had a lot of good things to say. “Reid is the smartest, most genuine, and kind kid I have ever met.” Having met each other in sixth grade when Reid first moved to South Bend, Connnor “wouldn’t trade the memories made and the relationship created with Reid.” Connor goes on to say, “Reid is the best kind of person to have around because his drive for success is truly contagious.” He notes that throughout his life, no matter the situation, Reid has “always made me want to do better not only as a student, but as an athlete and a person.”

Throughout the four years in high school, Reid did not have a specific favorite memory in mind. “Basically, you could say every moment in band. Music is a big part of my life, I love playing instruments and making music.” Reid notes he simply enjoys being in big groups and making noise altogether, and is very glad he joined as a freshman to have this experience. After high school, Reid plans on attending college but is currently undecided. In addition, his major is undecided but he is leaning towards majors in the science field. Wanting to pursue a master’s degree or a PhD, “whatever I want to do, I want it to be something that will actually help people and make an impact on people’s lives.”

Words of advice to underclassmen would be “I know this is cliche, but join as many clubs as possible.” Reid realized he had a lot of free time during his freshman and sophomore year to do extracurriculars and acted on it. “By junior and senior year you will realize that they are a lot of fun.” Reid also notes he has met a lot of cool and fun people through the clubs and activities he has joined and has been very grateful for those as well. The Tower wishes him all the best in his new seasons of life to come.