Jojo Conway

Senior Spotlight


Naomi Presler, Reporter

Jojo Conway is an outstanding, accomplished senior here at John Adams High School. She is in the IB program as a IB Diploma Candidate, and has fenced since 2010. Jojo started fencing because of her father’s friends that played in college. She fences at Escrime Du Lac in Mishawaka and has won numerous awards and titles for her accomplishments. These include going to international and national competitions, earning an A-rating, and getting into the Cadet National Team. 

To understand these accomplishments, an A-rating is the highest letter classification that a fencer can earn. The lowest is E. This means that in a tournament, she will face off against others that are of her rating that could possibly be older than her. The Cadet National Team is a part of the USA Fencing Team. This team goes to national events and competes against others around the world. 

Being an IB Diploma Candidate and an international fencer has complications and requires a great deal of energy and time. Jojo has found the optimistic side to these challenges. She says, “However, it has its benefits, because I am more disciplined and efficient with my time.” She puts time and effort into her sport and education; she is very inspiring and a great example for all. 

Along with these amazing accomplishments, Jojo plans on attending the University of Notre Dame. There, she would like to major in pre-med. She says that, “I have always enjoyed the sciences my whole life, as well as helping people. I think medicine is a beautiful combination of the two.” She also plans to continue fencing in college. 

When I asked Jojo if she was ready to graduate she said, “I am counting down the days”. The optimism and excellence that she carries with her is extraordinary. To the underclassmen, and to everybody, she says “continue doing your best and working towards your goals, but most importantly have fun. Never take life too seriously.”