To Test or Not To test?


Naomi Presler, Reporter

College admissions are coming up for the class of 2022 and the only things on the minds of these seniors are transcripts, college essays, and SAT scores. However, some stress might be relieved for some of these students graduating this year and beyond.

It has long been debated if SAT scores showed the whole student. This is why there are essays to complete for applications. This has caused more stress for the students and longer waits for acceptance letters. Some colleges and universities before 2020, had the test optional idea instituted. But some did not have this instituted before Covid-19.

For the class of 2020, colleges and universities cancelled SAT exam scores across the United States due to Covid-19. Since that class has graduated, some schools have instituted a temporary test optional policy for students who are applying to college during the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school year. 

Test optional has become quite popular amongst colleges and universities across the nation since the 2020 decision. Test optional means that, when applying, the student has a choice whether or not to submit their SAT exam scores. Even when the college or university says that it is “strongly recommended”, it is still optional. 

Before even considering not to take the SAT, it is still strongly recommended that students graduating still take the SAT to keep their options open. Mrs. Berebistky, our own guidance counselor, says that it is helpful to submit the SAT if your GPA is low. It becomes a sliding scale to show what the student is like academically. Even then some schools, for certain majors, do require SAT scores, even if the school is test optional.  

For South Bend School Corporation Students, some local colleges and universities have instituted the temporary test optional policy. Keep in mind, these schools are all around the state of Indiana. 

Liberal Arts and National Research Colleges and Universities in Indiana:

DePauw University

St. Mary’s College

Hanover College

Drew University

Butler University 

Indiana University (This includes Indiana University Bloomington, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and South Bend)

Taylor University

Manchester University

Notre Dame (2022-2023)

As expected, most of the schools within the IVY League have not changed their policies. Schools like Harvard University, Yale, and Princeton have not changed. Private schools like Stanford and Duke have not changed their policies either.