Let The Fun Fall Festivities Begin

Fall Preview


Julia Maina, Reporter

As the leaves begin to color, and the weather turns cool, the festivities of fall, and the style of all begin to interest the people more and more. From fall fashion, to pumpkin spiced lattes, here is a guide to the festivities of fall in South Bend. 

Anyone looking for a fun fall in South Bend has come to the right place. 

Thistleberry Farm

The Thistleberry Farm, a classic for many in South Bend. For $11.95 you can experience the corn maze, the pumpkin patch, hay rides and so much more! There are also an assortment of concessions like popcorn, doughnuts and a fall favorite, apple cider.

Legend Park & Niles Scream Park

 Anyone that is interested in a good scare alone or with friends should look into Legend Park for a haunted house extravaganza. There are 5 different attractions named “the BIGGEST, BADDEST… and SCARIEST HAUNTED HOUSES in AMERICA!” Along with Legend Park, if you’re up for a little drive visit Niles Scream Park in Niles, MI. “We put the care in scare.” Niles Scream park in a non-profit community project that supports local charities around the Michiana area. While enjoying a fun scare with friends you can also positively impact the lives of others!

Downtown South Bend

Walking around downtown with friends is an all year classic. Now, for a free cost, enjoy the first Friday of each month in downtown.  There will be live music, dining and retail services and kid-friendly activities. The 2021 month themes are, October: Oktoberfest. November: Football Friday. And lastly December: Holiday Countdowns. 

Fall Fashion

As the weather changes, don’t let that discourage your sense of style. Going from shorts and tank tops to jeans and sweater vests can be a bit of a change, but here are some staple pieces to add to your closet this season.


Turtlenecks are a great layering piece for the cooler weather. Solid colored turtlenecks go well under graphic tees, sweater vests, and even simple crewnecks. More patterned turtlenecks can go well under solid colored blouses and even by themselves. 

Leather Jackets

When it comes to fall weather, leather jackets have been a hit in modern day style. They are not too baggy and heavy but just perfect for fall breezes. They can be paired with a cute top and a skirt, a dress, and even a shirt and dress pants for the gentleman. 


Todays fashion sense incorporates a lot of 90’s and 00’s denim styles back in the game. Baggy jeans and low rise jeans have made a comeback. Baggy jeans can be styled with pretty much anything: cropped tops, oversized tees, and even sweater vests and flannels. Low rise jeans have been a hit or miss with outfits, my favorite low rise jean styles would be with more early 00’s womens shirts or zip-ups. To help save money and the environment, shop second hand at places like thrift stores and garage sales. 

Coffee Shops

The fall season has developed an exclusive relationship with pumpkin spiced lattes and pumpkin flavored scones. While Starbucks and Dunkin’ are staple coffee shops, it is never a bad idea to switch up the norm. Some new coffee shops available to try are: Zen Cafe, Sway Coffee and Cloud Walking Coffee, all located in South Bend. 

Fall is filled with fun and festive activities, spend this October and November with safe and extravagant activities all around.