John Adams Quiz Bowl Ends their 2020-2021 Season


Eden Blakemore, Reporter

After a terrific 2019-2020 season, the John Adams Quiz Bowl team had their first match of the 2020-2021 season on Monday, February 14th. Last year both JV and Varsity teams were going to nationals in Chicago but because of COVID-19 nationals was canceled. This season, like most of this year, looks a little different from last year. All matches are online, and instead of having one match a week, there are three different days over the course of two weeks where there will be multiple matches in a row. Despite these changes, the John Adams Quiz Bowl team has given it their all this season. 

On Monday, February 14th, The John Adams Quiz Bowl competed against Riley in the first match and Mishawaka in the third with a forfeit from Washington in the second match. Both JV and varsity beat Riley. JV won with a landslide score of 200 to 80. Varsity just surpassed them with a score of 230 to 225. The next match of the day was Mishawaka. The Mishawaka match did not have a similar outcome for varsity. Though they fought hard, the varsity team lost to Mishawaka with a score of 250 to 175. JV beat Mishawaka with a score of 240 to 200. 

On Wednesday, February 17th, the Quiz Bowl team competed against Penn and Clay. Clay was the first match of the day, and it was a good way to start the day. Both JV and varsity defeated Clay. JV ended the match with a score of 190 to Clay’s 150. Varsity decimated Clay with a score of 295 to 105. Penn was a trickier match. JV fought hard, but ultimately Penn’s fast reflexes in the third round got the best of them, and JV ended their winning streak with a score of 170 to 310. Varsity put up a good fight in the third round, but in the end, had a similar outcome. Ultimately ending the day with a score of 200 to 245. 

The final day of matches, Wednesday, February 24th, had Adams competing against Marian, and the toughest team in the region, St. Joe. The Marian JV match was first. Though they started off strong, their luck changed in the second round and they could not recover. JV lost with a final score of 190 to 230. The varsity match started off with Adams barely in the lead, but after a fantastic third round, Adams varsity won with a score of 245 to 180. The St. Joe JV match was a close one. Adams’ JV lost with a score of 200 to 250. The Varsity team played their best but could not get over St. Joe’s quick answers and after a good fight, they lost with a score of 105 to 440.

The John Adams Quiz Bowl team ended the regular season with a total of 5 wins and 6 losses. They fought hard and, despite the difficulties that this year has brought, were able to persevere.