Two FBI Agents Killed


Naomi Presler, Reporter

On February 2, 2021, two FBI agents were killed while trying to complete a search warrant on an apartment in South Florida, outside of Fort Lauderdale. This is a very rare occurrence.

 The two FBI agents involved in the case were Special Agent Daniel Alfin and Agent Laura Schwartzenberger. Agent Alfin, born in New York, has made several arrests related to child pornograhy. He started out in the New York, Albany FBI branch in 2009. He then transferred to the Miami office in 2017. In May 2017, he had made 350 arrests, based in the United States, prosecuted 25 producers of child pornogrpahy, 51 “hands-on” abusers and rescued 55 children. In 2018, he received the director’s award. 

FBI Agent Laura Schwartzenberger, was born in Colorado and has worked as an agent since 2005. She started out in New Mexico, but transferred to Miami 11 years ago. She focused on crimes against children for seven years and also taught at a local middle school for the law studies magnet program. The school says, “As an FBI agent, Laura taught our students each year about the dangers of social media and much more. She would always say, ‘I feel that coming here and talking about the hard stuff means that I won’t see you guys on my end” (CNN). 

Special Agent George Piro was in charge of the operation. The Sunrise Police were also a part of the investigation. The suspect, David Huber, 55, had barricaded himself in his apartment. It is not clear who shot first. Both Special Agent Daniel Alfin and Agent Laura Schwartzenberger were shot and killed on the scene. Three other agents were shot. Two were sent to hospital, the other treated on the scene. The investigation is still ongoing on who shot first. 

What makes this bizarre is that FBI agents are not usually killed on the scene. This was the first case of this since 2008. In the previous instance, Special Agent Samuel S. Hicks was shot and killed on the scene while trying to serve an arrest warrant for drug trafficking. It is very rare that this happens. The FBI are looking into the scene and how to stop this from happening again.