Anna Guzik


Naomi Presler, Reporter

Anna Guzik will be graduating this year and is an amazing inspiration and leader to her golf team. She is a senior and has participated in many activities around the school. She participated in Mock Trial for three years as well as Model UN for four. She also is a part of the golf team at Adams. This year, she was named the NIC Honorable Mention All Conference in girls golf. 

Along with Anna’s list of extracurricular activities, she is also a part of the IB program. She is a part of partial IB. She says, “The classes I’ve taken in the IB program have given me the greatest sense of learning. Although the classes can be challenging, this factor has really helped me with time management.”

This year is different for her and other students around John Adams High School. COVID-19 has changed many things for everyone and has made a great impact on our learning experience. She says that teachers have changed their formats and that teachers have done a good job about adapting. Because she is a senior, she notes, “the most disappointing change is the social aspect of senior year and missing some of the events that are no longer possible in the same way.” 

As Anna is graduating this year, she says, “I have learned that a good work ethic is vital to success, and I learned how important it is to surround yourself with good people. The people who I’ve met have really made high school a good time.” She plans to go to Purdue University and is considering applying to their engineering program. Her advice to underclassmen during this difficult time is that this year we need to be responsible, stay connected, have fun, but prioritize being safe