Addy Cherry

Senior Spotlight


Addison Cherry, known to her friends as Addy, is a senior at Adams, and a beloved member of the JA student body. You can find Addy contributing to Adams in many ways from the classroom, working on an award-winning art piece, to the hockey stands, cheering on the Eagles. 

Although Addy is not currently involved in any extracurricular activities, she has participated in diving, track, and color guard. Her favorite part of these activities has been “doing them with my friends.”

Academically, Addy has been able to use her creative mind to her advantage in her art classes. She explained, “My favorite class is ceramics. I love the fact that you get to be so rough with the clay at first, but once you start to throw on the wheel, one tiny movement can ruin your piece.”  Addy also takes the IB Visual Arts class offered here at Adams. 

Addy has also taken initiative to explore her passion for art outside of the classroom. She listed her experiences, “I have participated in the Snite Museum Summer Workshop at Notre Dame, and have been awarded. I also am in IB visual arts and participate in the school art shows.” Addy has also been recognized for her work, and revealed, “I have been a part of Schoolastics,  and have gotten several awards including a gold key.” When asked what these experiences have meant to her, she reflected, “All of these experiences have made me realize my passion for art. Making art gives me an outlet which allows me to express myself, and sometimes even what I’m feeling without talking.” 

In the near future, Addy plans to go to IU Bloomington, and pursue a degree in design to become an architect. She advises underclassmen who want to follow in her footsteps to “do your work and have respect for yourself and those around you.”