Why Shotgun Farmers Is Growing So Fast


Credit to QaziTV youtube

Shotgun farmers is an online multiplayer shooter, with its own unique quirks. The game focuses primarily on combat, with different modes that you can play. There are PvP (player versus player) modes, and PvE (player versus enemy) modes. These modes give light to the unique combat system that the game has created. In most traditional first person shooters the player has to acquire their own ammo by picking up crates, or by buying it. In shotgun farmers however, you can shoot your gun at the ground, and it will grow you a new gun, and the longer you let it grow, the more ammo you have. You may be thinking that this makes no sense, guns don’t grow in real life. In shotgun farmers though, each weapon is uniquely plant based. For example, the main gun in the game (the shotgun, as the name would imply) is designed off of a stalk of corn, and it shoots corn kernels. There are tomato grenade launchers, asparagus sniper rifles, tomato grenade launchers, and many more. There are also several unique maps that players have the option to choose. These maps range from a traditional farm, to a wild west style town. There are also different individual game modes that players have access to, like pure team versus team style pvp play, as well as capture the flag type game modes. One way that this game has gotten a lot of notability (and how I learned about it)  is through social media, specifically TikTok. One of the developers has a decent presence on social media, and will occasionally post information about the game, including notifying fans of sales, going through the development cycle, and even walking prospective players through unique aspects of the game. Shotgun farmers is most definitely a game with a smaller audience, but it allows for simple and easy fun, unlike many modern games, that have complex elements that can push away newer players.