Tyler Rajski, Student Contributor

There are still people talking everyday on how to keep ours children and teens safe. No matter what parents do teens are going to do what they want even if that means putting there life in danger. So, I think if parents really want to keep their teens safe they should make a well reasoned curfew time. 

Curfews are very important in a teens development. Probably the most important advantage is that they stay out of trouble or if they do not come home at the right time then you will know something is going on. Also to go along with that it makes very good time management skills for teens. If you are out with a friend and you have to be home by 11 you must manage your time wisely to make sure you are home on time. Some teens will argue against a curfew because they want to stay out all night and party when there has to be limitations on it. 

Another thing people noticed was that teens were getting much more quality and healthy sleep. What I mean by that is teens with curfews would eventually fall asleep at the same time everyday because they were so used to it. Also going to sleep on a schedule has shown that teens have less stress and are able to go a whole day at school without falling asleep in class. 

With getting more sleep and staying awake in class has shown that teens get much better grades. Teens with curfews have also shown that they have less absents and less tardies. Probably the biggest one of them all teens with curfews have a much better chance of getting a college scholarship or college acceptance. 

I think teens and children should have curfews no matter how old they are because it will only better yourself and prepare yourself for what the open world brings to you.