The Environmental Issue

Anyiah Daniel, Student Contributor

After multiple rallies and protests of complaints about our environment being attacked by global warming, governments are not showing much concern about the issue. Governments are overlooking the problem of our environment that is attacked by greenhouse gases effects, factories, overpopulation, meat processing, travel packaging, and pollution. These problems are affecting our  climate by hurting our global systems; animals, trees, forests, even our coldest continent, Antarctica. 

Governments should try to help and join citizens by improving our national systems’ global  surroundings. Our environment should not be limited to a certain amount of years left because of a piece of paper that was thrown in the street now hurting and affecting our oceans. People and animals should not lose their homes and habitats because of overgrown pollution and greenhouse gases. Trees and plants should not be chopped down because small businesses want to build factories and other businesses. This issue would not contain an economic system but a helping hand to try and make our earth healthier. In Australia, a massive wildfire attacked the continent that left thousands to millions of animals dead and thousands of people with no homes. Antarctica has decreased over the years and has lost about 3 trillion tons of ice (N.P.R 88.1 WVPE). Animals, like elephants, are being targeted and put up for the market economy for their skins and tusks. 

Although people may agree on the endangerment of our climate, others underestimate the climate change. Some people don’t believe global warming is not real, in fact it does not exist. I find this absolutely disturbing; our environment is guaranteed to be in trouble. Wildfires and glacier melting are happening out of nowhere. If you look at the stat chart of Antarctica you can obviously see ice is being melted faster and faster as decades go by. This situation is addressed on news and multiple documentaries. We have to pay enough attention to the way we treat our earth and how much time we have to live on it, before there is nothing we cannot do about it. Environmental scientists totally agree. 

Society should come together and protest against the selful act, we should clean up after ourselves and recycle, reuse, and reduce. If we want a better ocean we have to clean our surroundings and program by building and using objects with better and useful products. The governments should look more at the idea of helping to save the planet than the price they give up to create an extravagant world. Our environment can still be beautiful if we treat it with healthier and chronicle decisions.

  We do not need a bigger, and better world, we need to focus on the issue right in front of us, we need to focus on how we can improve our environment to be more healthier and lasting.