Animal Abuse and Neglect


Trinity Willis, Student Contributor

Animal neglect is the failure to provide basic care required for an animal to thrive. At first glance, such cases may seem less egregious than a single, brutal act of violent abuse, but severe neglect can mean extended periods of extreme suffering, resulting in permanent injury, or in some cases, death. A single large-scale neglect case can affect hundreds of animals, as in cases of hoarding, puppy mills, and neglect of farmed animals. Why get an animal if you’re not going to take care of it, or believe, personally, that you will not be able to afford it?

No animal deserves to be thrown away like garbage, as if they don’t matter. Dogs, same with cats, are “man’s best friend”. So why are they not treated that way? Animals are creatures that were given to us by God for many reasons. Cows and pigs are here for farmers to raise and then butcher for food. Horses are here for us to tame and show off in contests. Dogs are family animals, but can also be used in the army and police force, to protect us. And yet, many of us use them as if they were punching bags. In one study of families under investigation for suspected child abuse, reseachers found that pet abuse had occured in 88 percent of the families under supervision for physical abuse to their children (Animal). Animals are so commonly abused and neglected, that it’s just sickening. But we can still give them hope that there is a better life waiting for them and show them that they are loved.

Even though there are millions of dogs and cats on this planet, they are sadly outnumbered by humans. There are many people who believe that animals don’t deserve rights and that even if they had any, those rights should count less than a human wishes. People who live in Yulin China agree that animals have no rights. I truly believe they are wrong because even though animals are not humans, they still deserve to be treated with respect. Dogs and cats are meant to be cared for and loved. Not beaten and thrown away. We are supposed to protect them, just like they do for us. No human wishes to be beaten and told they’re worth nothing, so why should an animal face that same kind of abuse.

There are many ways individuals can help in the fight against animal abuse and neglect. Do whatever you can to stop someone from mistreating an animal. Teach children to have respect towards animals, showing them how to treat animals with love and consideration. Help kids grow up to become the next generation of advocates for animals. You can also demand stricter laws for the protection of animals. Stronger animal welfare laws and harsher penalties will lead to fewer cruelty cases. You can make a huge difference by taking an animal out of a harmful situation. Last but not least, offer to help people who are overwhelmed with their animal(s). Animals aren’t necessarily neglected out of a lack of love. An owner may not have the psychological resources to provide an animal with the appropriate care. Whatever the reasons may be, an affected pet must be removed from a place of neglect and given the care it needs to live and thrive. Any help you give to an animal may help a human too. 

Animal abuse and neglect is something that will always be hard to eradicate. All we humans can do is speak out against it and do everything in our power to help them. Keep our heads up high and have faith that we will do the right thing. Because there will always be an animal out there that needs your help.

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