Water Fountains

Water Fountains

Ashley Bergeron, Student Contributor

Lots of people bring water bottles to school but don’t have a clean place to refill their water bottles. The main place that a person can refill their water bottle is the water fountains, which usually has some type of litter on them. We need to fix this problem so that people can have a clean place to refill their water bottles without the fear of catching some type of illness. Elkay’s ezH20 is a great solution for this. It has a motion sensor, has minimal splashing, and has components that protect the water from contamination.

The ezH20 has a motion sensor where a person can put their water bottle under it and the water would start coming out. Since it is a motion sensor, people don’t have to touch to get their water out. This causes fewer diseases to be spread because people aren’t touching the water fountain. When the water comes out, it comes out in a clean flow. This causes minimal splashing when a person is refilling their water bottle. Instead of having to aim with the water bottle when trying to refill with a water fountain that we have now, people can fill their water bottles with ease. There’s also less water being wasted. People also don’t have to worry about getting wet.

The ezH20 has a special silver ion antimicrobial protection that protects it from mold and mildew. They also have filters. These components can protect the school body against contaminated water. Contaminated water can have things like lead in them which will negatively affect the body. 

The main obstacle to installing the ezH20. The cost of an On-Wall goes between $1,000 to $2,000 and the cost of an In-Wall is 600 dollars more than an On-Wall, and that’s if you’re only getting a water bottle filling station. The school will need more than one so it will be a costly purchase. They would also need to hire a professional to install the water fountains. Both of these are problems when it comes to installing the ezH20.

Despite all of the obstacles, there are benefits that come from new and improved water fountains. One of them being since there are filters and protection from mildew and mold, the water coming out of the fountains is healthy. Since the water is healthy, the student body won’t get sick from drinking the school’s water. There are also environmental benefits such as less plastic water bottle waste.

The school needs new and improved water fountains so that the student body can be clean and healthy. The ezH20 is the water fountain for this.