A Review of ARK: Survival Evolved


Credit to studiowildcard.com

ARK: Survival Evolved is an action adventure game that places you in a world full of exotic creatures, unique items, and varied environments. ARK is a game focused on the idea of advancing through a rigorous environment, discovering new technology, and taming creatures to help you in your adventure. ARK is a personal favorite of mine because of its focus on the importance of a team. Whether it be the team of AI controlled pets that you can tame, or friends who you play the game with, cooperation and understanding is vital to your progression in the environment. The main appeal of ARK for a lot of people is the unique creatures in the game, there are some creatures you may recognize, like a pterodactyl or a tyrannosaurus rex. ARK included far more than just the stereotypical few dinosaurs though, they have broad environments with unique climates and unique creatures inhabiting them. Some creatures are also created by the ARK development team, or are fictional. There are even dragons that players can come to possess as a tame. ARK’s appeal is not only in its creatures though, the gameplay is also very intriguing, with an interesting domestic side of the game, as well as a lot of options for player built structures. There is also an amazing set of maps that can be explored, with several different options ranging from a barren and harsh desert, to an irradiated underground forest. The story of the game is also intriguing, but it is not presented in the typical manner, the story is presented through notes left by past survivors. These notes can be discovered by players and used to piece together the storied history of the past survivors and their struggles. Overall, I would highly recommend ARK: Survival Evolved. The game has hundreds of hours of content, and a varied enough range so anyone can find something to do.