The Talon Online


Emilio David, The Talon, Editor-in-Chief

Hello there guys, gals, and non-binary pals of all varieties! Today I’m here to tell you about and sell you (even though it’s free) on Adam’s literary magazine and arts showcase, The Talon! And if you’re reading this, or at least looked at the article’s title and then ignored the full thing, then I know you’ll at least like most of what the magazine has to offer.

And what is it that the literary magazine has to offer? Why visual art, of course! Ranging from photographs to traditional and digital drawings, the magazine offers a variety of beautiful visual pieces. And, of course, it does have a wide variety of literary pieces, too. From poems to short stories, there’s even some non-fiction if that’s what you’re looking for. All of these pieces, of course, are submitted by Adams students, alumni, and even some who are tangentially related to either of those.

Releasing later this year, there will be a release party and public reading for those who submitted a piece and even those who are interested in enjoying these arts. And for those who just can’t wait and wants to see some of what the student body has to offer right now, head on over to where you can view online versions of current creative works and past releases of The Talon. And come October this year, you’ll be able to start submitting work for next year’s issue!

So grab on and join this appreciation of the arts with The Talon!