Vote to make a difference on the issue of climate change

Letter to the Editor

Raging fires in Australia have destroyed habitats and killed wildlife.

Via The New York Times

Raging fires in Australia have destroyed habitats and killed wildlife.

The fires currently ravaging Australia are the worst we have ever seen. And yet I fear that protests, millions of dead animals and the burning of homes will fail to spur the drastic action necessary for stopping the increasing tide of natural disasters. As a high school student, I feel frustratingly useless in the ongoing fight against climate change, and I’m sure that many adults feel similarly.

Educating others seems futile when those who reject the scientific basis of climate change still refuse to budge. Making individual changes can only do so much when the problem lies in our fundamental corporate reality. We have limited power in influencing our current leaders. The only way we can truly make a difference in our democratic leadership, and therefore in our policy, is to vote.

Climate change is one of the most threatening issues to our livelihoods to date and many do not give proper weight to its consequences. I urge voters to consider climate change as the single most urgent and important topic in the upcoming election. Please become educated about candidates’ stances and prioritize those who will not flinch from immediate and extraordinary action.

Originally published in the South Bend Tribune by Adams senior Grace Yarger.

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