This Day In History

The Month Of November

Naomi Presler, Reporter

November 1st 835- All saints day started this day. It is a christian holiday that celebrates the dead who have reached heaven especially the saints recognized in the Catholic church.


November 2, 1948- President Harry Truman is re-elected and Ronald Reagan signed a bill that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day a holiday. 

Famous Birthday: David Schwimmer, who has acted in Friends and Madagascar, was born. 



November 3, 1984- The Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, was cremated after being assassinated. She was shot on October 31, 1984. She was the first and only female Prime Minister in India to date. 

November 3,1957- The Soviet Union launched Sputnik 2 with a furry passenger: Laika. The space dog was the first space dog in space. When the Soviet Union launched the stray dog, there was no plan to bring Laika back down to earth. Five to seven hours later, all signs of life on Sputnik 2 had faded. 


November 4, 2008- The United States elected the first African American President, Barack Obama. 

November 4, 2001- “You are doing it wrong. It’s wingardium leviosa not wingardium leviosaa.” Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was the first movie of the Harry Potter movie franchise and the first book in the series, to be made into a movie. 


November 5, 1968- Nixon is elected President of the United States.

November 5, 1942- The Nazi party invades and captures Jews in Paris. 


November 6, 2012- President Obama is re-elected as President of the United States.

November 6, 1995- Prime Minister of Israel,Yitzhak Rabin, was murdered by a Jewish Extremist, Yigal Amir. Amir opposed peace with Palestinans. 

November 6, 1975- “Hello Dolly”s first appearance in the NYC Minskoff Theater. Showed 51 times!


November 7, 1918- Is the victorious end of World War 1. A treaty was signed called the armistice. This was not a formal end to the War, it later would be known as the Treaty of Versailles. It did stop war for twenty years, until the Nazi party came into power.

November 7, 1917- Bolshevik forces in Russia attacked and captured the Winter Palace and overthrow the Provisional Government. This lead to the creation of the Russian Socalists Federative Soviet Republic on the 9th. Five years later,  the Russian Civil War started. The Soviets won and created the Soviet Union in 1922. 


November 8, 1965- The United States, New Zealand, and Australian forces are launched to begin Operation Hump. The Operation was launched as a search-and-destroy in Vietnam. 

November 8, 1960- President Kennedy was elected President of the United States. 


November 10, 1990- “Merry Christmas you filthy animal!” is a famous line from “Home Alone” starring Macaualy Culkin. This movie took theaters by storm and has two other sequels. It is a Christmas classic. 


November 12, 1923- Aldof Hitler is arrested for attempting to seize power during “Beer Hall Putsch” coup. Hitler and the Nazi party gathered at a beer hall and attempted to overthrow th German Government.


November 13, 2018- El Chapo, a famous drug dealer, is finally captured and detained. 

November 13, 1865- P.T. Barnum started his show business by establishing a museum, the New American museum in Bridgeport. He is well known for his future creation of the circus. 


November 14, 1969- Apollo 12 is launched with Conrad, Gordon, and Bean, with sights on landing for the second time on the moon.

November 14, 1935- The Germans taking away Jewish citizenship was the beginning and signs of the Holocaust. 


November 15, 1777- The Articles of Confederation have been approved by the Continental Congress and later ratified on March 1, 1781.The constitution formed a limited government with marginal powers to assist in the American Revolution. After a rebellion in 1768 in Massachusetts, the Articles were under review and needed to be reformed. 

November 15, 1969- The United States at this time got involved in the Vietnam war. The people disagreed with this decision. On the day, two million people crowded the streets in front of the capitol building to protest. The protesters wanted President Nixon to end the war and the United States involvement. It is the largest demonstration in United States history.


November 16, 1959- The well-known, “The Sound of Music”, first came out in Lunt Fontanne Theater with 1,443 performances. The musical was inspired by a true story of a family leaving Saltzburg, Germany to flee from the Nazi party.

November 16, 2010- The engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton is announced.


November 17, 1863- Abraham Lincoln created his first draft of the Gettysburg Address. 

November 17, 1993- A coup lead by General Sani Abacha restored Nigeria to military control.


November 18, 1928- Lights, camera, action, and Disney! In 1928 Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney introduced us to Steamboat Willie. Mickey Mouse guides the movie in song and dance while Minney is aboard the steamboat. This cartoon launched in black and white and the famous whistling Mickey Mouse comes from this movie. This movie was able to propel the Disney company to what it is today! 

November 18, 1872- Susan B. Anthony was arrested for voting. Susan is an inspiration for her actions for women’s voting rights.


November 19, 1863- The Gettysburg Address is given by President Abraham Lincoln. 

November 19, 1932- Hitler was demanded to be German Chancellor by Shaft and Thyseen


November 20, 1789- New Jersey was the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights.

November 20, 1953- NASA sent up a former Navy fighter pilot into space past Mach 2, two times the speed of sound, named Scott Crossfeild. Crossfield was sent in a Douglas D-558-2 skyrocket and piloted the plane to 1,291 miles per hour dive in 72,00 feet! He will be able to lead in to Mach 3 


November 21, 1938- Western Czecholslovakia is claimed by the Nazi party and all inhabitants are German citizens.


November 22, 1963- President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald while riding in an open car in Dallas, Texas. 


November 22, 1995- “Toy Story” was the first feature-length film with full computer generated animations. Directed by John Lassester and starred Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.


November 23, 1942- During World War II, a Birtish ship, the SS Ben Lomond was sunk. A sole survivor, Poon Lim, survived for 133 days in the South Atlantic ocean. Eventually, he was able to reach Brazil where he was saved by local fishermen.

November 23, 1904- The first Olympic Games hosted in the United States was held in St. Louis. It is the most notable of the olympic games held here in the United States because of the marathon. The organizers restricted access to water, and some athletes nearly died. Thomas Hicks, who won, was given a dose of rat poison and brandy to help his system recuperate from lack of water.


November 24, 1974- Soviet General Leonid Brezhnez and United States President Ford, sign a treaty to reduce each side’s amount of nuclear weapons. This was during the time of the Cold War, also known as The Arms Race.  


November 25, 1867- Congress looks into impeachment of Andrew Jackson

November 25, 2014- Leonel Messi is named the UEFA Champions League of all time top scorer.


November 26, 1868- The first baseball game played in an enclosed field was played in San Francisco. 

November 26, 1922- King Tut’s tomb was opened by Howard Carter in Egypt.


November 27, 1895- Alfred Nobel was a Swedish Chemist. In his will, he establishes the Nobel Prize. 


November 27, 1957- The United States army leaves Little Rock after integration of the Little Rock Nine. The soldiers were present so that the Little Rock Nine could safely enter the school and begin integration. 


November 28, 1895- On this day, America had its first car race. Organized by “Chicago Time Herald”, the six cars raced from Chicago to Evanston and back(Total of 55 miles). The winner was Frank Duryea with the maximum of seven miles per hour.

November 28, 1933- Bonnie and Clyde are convicted of killing Tarrant County Deputy Malcolm Davis. The duo died in 1934 after being hunted down by the FBI and Police. The two robbed many banks and killed around 13 people while on the run.

November 28, 2019- This year Thanksgiving falls a bit later than usual! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


November 1828- Ever wonder how to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?? Well I do not think you will find it in Noah Webster’s seminal American Dictionary of the English Language, but it is still a pretty helpful dictionary! The dictionary is two volumes that defines 7,000 words and encourages American punctuation and usage. He made another, Webster’s Third New International Dictionary that defines 470,000 words! 


December 1, 1919- Lady Nancy Astor was the first woman to be sworn in to the British Parliament. 

December 1, 1955- Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat to a white passenger and was arrested. This is one of the reasons that the Civil Rights movement started.


December 2, 1804- Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned emperor of France in Paris. 


December 3,1828- Andrew Jackson is elected as our seventh President of the United States,


December 4, 1965- NASA sends up Gemini 7 with Frank Borman and Jim Lovell.


December 5, 1792- George Washington is re-elected as President of the United States.