Lady Eagles vs. The Riley Wildcats Swim Meet


Naomi Presler, Reporter

The Adams swim team had a meeting last Tuesday on November 26. The lady eagles met with the Riley Wildcats. Many of the heats where neck to neck battles to finish in first.

The first round was the 200 yard medley relay. The teams are neck and neck. Riley leads for a little but then Adams comes soaring back in the next 100 yards. Riley pulls through at the last second and wins the round. 

Next is the 200 yard freestyle. Once again, the teams are very close in the swim. Riley’s podium 3 is leading. Meanwhile, Adams podium 4 and Riley podium 5, are neck and neck. Riley pulls through and successfully takes the 200 yard freestyle. Adams podium 4 loses the neck and neck battle with podium 5 for second.

The 200 yard IM is when all the strokes are compounded. Riley leads in the first section but Adams is catching up at breaststroke. Podium 4, Adams, and podium 5, Riley, are once again neck and neck. Riley’s podium 3 pulls through and wins first and Riley’s podium 5 breaks the tie achieves second.

Heat 1 for freestyle came. The Eagles won the first round for JV. In varsity for heat 1 freestyle, the eagles lost in a close tie with the Wildcats. The 100 butterfly was won by Adams at podium 4. In the the 100 yard freestyle heat one, the lady eagles won first at podium 4, second at 2, and third at podium 6. In heat 2, the Wildcats won at podium 3. 

Next, is the 500 yard freestyle. For all 500 yards, Riley at podium 3 holds first. The freestyle 200 yard relay was very close. Riley and Adams were at a tie between Adams podium 4 and Riley podium 3. At 100 yards the lady eagles pull through and break the tie and win the round. At 100 yard backstroke Riley wins. In the 100 yards breaststroke Riley wins again. In the final round, 400 yard freestyle relay, Riley wins the round at podium 3. For second, podium 4, Riley, and podium 2, Adams, are neck and neck. Eventually Riley pulls through and wins second. The final score for the meet was Adams 81 Riley 102. 

The swim captain, Eamin Lynch, says, “We did really well. Riley has been a difficult competitor But with motivation from the team we can pull through.” Tania, the other swim captain, says “We gave 100% and gave our best. It matters that we worked our hardest and to our full potential. I am proud we gave it our all.” 

The Lady Eagles swim team is a very strong team and like a family to each other. Come see them next time and go eagles!