Tower Rock To Be November 21st


Tower Rock 2019 is quickly approaching! Come to the John Adams Auditorium on Thursday, November 21st at 6pm for an evening of student and staff music and vote for your favorite act at the end. All proceeds from this annual fundraiser will go directly towards supporting the completely self-funded and student produced journalism of The Tower.

Tickets: $5

  1. Max & Seth (Saxophone and Drums)
  2. The Joe Baughman Experience (Mr. Ufkin’s band)
  3. Cameron Dobbins (Guitar/Singing)
  4. Honora Whitmore (Ukulele/Singing)
  5. Riley Morgan (Guitar)
  6. Mimi Panzica (Ukulele/Singing)
  7. Michael Dunham (Piano)
  8. Aya Ertimi (Singing)
  9. Rylie Nellans (Piano)
  10. Erika Ruiz (Piano)
  11. Ryan Downey (Guitar)
  12. Isabella Ernsberger (Singing)
  13. Grace Hartman (Singing)
  14. David Smith (Singing)
  15. Issanae Bailey (Singing)