Cameron Dobbins

Senior Spotlight


Mag Blanchard, Reporter

Cameron Dobbins is the head drum major for the John Adams marching band. This is his eighth year of being involved in band, however he’s been interested in music from a young age. “I started playing piano in third grade. I found out that I had musical talent, and that made me want to perform more,” he says in an interview. “Soon, I realized that I would be happy performing music for the rest of my life.”

Dobbins’ position as drum major takes him off of the field and away from his instrument, but that doesn’t stop him from performing in other settings.

“I do miss marching,” Cameron explains with a wistful smile. “Performing out on the field as a marcher would always make me feel more confident, and sure of myself. I still play in the South Bend Youth Symphony Orchestra, though, and I fiddle around with my guitar.” Desire for more confidence seems to be a running theme with him, as when he was next asked what kept him motivated he responds, “I like the feeling of having an impact on people’s lives. It makes me feel better to know I influence people in the band.”

After high school, Dobbins wants to study at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University Bloomington and participate in some of the many orchestras they have there. “I’m not sure exactly what I want to do as a career yet- but I know it will involve music.” He’s considering either performance in symphonies for a living, or even becoming a high school band director.

“High school band requires you to have a certain level of confidence,” he says. “You have to want to exceed everyone’s expectations. I’ve met a lot of my friends and peers through music, and because of those things band is just really important to me.” Dobbins not only plays music, however, but he listens to quite a bit as well. His tastes cover a wide range, but he does say, “My favorite genres are indy hip-hop and rap. I like the uniqueness of it, and it’s really influenced me.” 

Oddly enough, Dobbins bristles a little when I ask him how it feels to be the shortest drum major. He responds, “I get the tallest podium, so technically I’m the tallest.”