Volume 78 Issue 3

Superduperintendent Dr. Kenneth Spells.

Superduperintendent Dr. Kenneth Spells.

Athena Bader-Ginsberg, Editor-In-Chief

Volume 78 Issue 3

Articles include:

Spring Break Cancelled by Dante Stikniky

All Three South Bend High Schools Combine by Lavendar Dynamite

Quantim Phyisicks by Docter Kenny Weston

Fashion Icon: Jonathan Zapf by Chatty Cathy Montana

Pitt’s BBQ Closing Doors in April by Cherry Glossom

Tips from Fashionista Heath Weaver by Anna Bananabobana

Monthly Horoscopes by Sunshine Rose Petal

The Bee Movie: A Cinematic Masterpiece by Shakes McCool

The Truth Behind the Production of Babies by Bonehead Jones

Seitz in the Illuminati? by Todd Moxie

Kim Jong Un Visits South Bend by Yak Cheezy

Senior Spotlight: Brad & Chad by Cher Thunderstone & Roberta Ross