Climate Change with Mr. Kingston

Part Two

Do you have any preference for alternate sources of energy?

I wish the biofuels would catch on, that would be better. Problem with a lot of our fuel choices is they freeze around freezing temperature, and you know gas takes a lot longer to freeze. Problem with biofuels is they take up large tracts of land to produce. Indonesia has lost huge amounts of rainforest due to the demand for biofuels. So not sure biofuels will be the answer.  But windmills are ugly as sin, and they cause vibrations, there’s some wave vibrations studies that they’re looking into.

What’s your opinion on solar?

Well solar panels, I wouldn’t mind some for my house, but they’re expensive still, and we’re buying them from China. Why are we buying them from China? It would be great if it could stay sunny,but it does not. Can they produce power when not sunny?  Also studies have shown (large solar panel farms) kill birds! So I don’t know.

What about geothermal?

That’s interesting. I don’t really know too much about that, when you say alternatives usually solar, wind…

What about nuclear?

It goes back and forth, every time there’s a disaster, like the Japanese, Fukushima, but after that I was like ooh maybe nuclear is NOT the way to go. Because you could have- something like Fukushima I mean that came out of nowhere, and that’s an absolute disaster. The radiation levels on the West coast are way up.

What about hydroelectric?

Here’s the problem with that, we’re killing all the fish aren’t we? So I think- I don’t know what the solution is there either because you’ve got the fishing issue, you’ve got the flooding issue, you got… though I think dams are really important, one for energy, two to control flooding because flooding is an issue. I mean, we harness the energy we harness nature we always have, we made it work for us so… California’s huge drought, huge problems, well you let your rivers just flow into the oceans so (due to fish concerns)… you know there’s certain ways they could have done some things to hold onto some water with dams.