Climate Change with Mr. Kingston

Part One

Climate Change is set to be a hot issue in United States politics for the next coming century as sea levels rise and the climate warms. Many scientists think that action needs to be taken, but many economists are pointing out the flaws in their plans to change the world overnight. I set out to investigate the beliefs of the most vocal and qualified teachers in Adams in regards to climate change, the economy, and politics. First, I decided to interview Paul Kingston, the Economics teacher at John Adams High School and a critic of the way our government handles climate change.

In your opinion, what will the economic impact of climate change be?

I don’t know! I mean, how would we know the economic impact of climate change really? Because none of those models that they keep citing have ever been accurate. So I don’t know what it’s going to be. The climate is changing. We have to adapt to it.

Do you deny that climate change is man-made?

Do I think some of it’s manmade?

Do you think it’s mostly man-made.

No! Climate’s been changing all the time. I think the sun, and you’re going  to find out about this, the sun has amazing impact on our climate. NASA just came out the other day and reported that we’re going  to have a cold winter, because of the lack of sunspots. We’re entering one of the lowest sunspot,like, the sun is going inactive. But yeah, manmade? Sure we’ve caused some of it. Some of it’s changed already.

Do you think we should change our industry from coal, oil, and natural gas to something else?

I imagine eventually we’ll run out of that stuff, so it might be wise to start planning, but do I wanna go crash course into it? Absolutely not. It would really hurt the poor a lot. Because they have to pay higher- or I should say the working class and the middle class because the poor might get subsidies for their heating bill, the rich already have money, and the rest of us would have to be forced to pay higher and higher. So, I mean, I don’t think windmills are the solution. They’re ugly as sin,and I would love to find an alternative energy,but right now fossil fuels, natural gas, keeps us warm in the winter.  Should we rearrange our economy and put tons of people out of work based on inaccurate models. No.