Buttigieg and Donnelly Come To Adams for Veterans Day


Courtesy of Mr. Walsh

From left to right: Superintendent Dr. Spells, Mayor Buttigieg, Senator Donnelly, Mrs. Donelly, Principal Seitz and Mr. Walsh.

On Friday, November 9th, John Adams High School held its second annual Veteran’s Day assembly in the auditorium. Daniel Walsh, science department chair and veteran who served 20 years in the United States Navy, introduced the Miller’s Vets of South Bend, a shelter of homeless United States veterans, and the John Adams color guard, who then presented the colors as the national anthem played.

Walsh then introduced South Bend Community School Corporation [SBCSC] superintendent, Dr. Kenneth Spells, a veteran himself, for a few words expressing his support for our nation’s veterans.”I’m very appreciative to our veterans for their service,” Spells remarked, and ended his speech with, “Thank you veterans and God bless America.”

Next, Former U.S Senator Joe Donnelly and his wife Jill Donnelly took the podium. Jill Donnelly, a proud John Adams High School graduate, enthusiastically addressed the students, “I’m so impressed with you, and the future is in good hands.”

Her husband Joe Donnelly, thanked all veterans, and expressed specific gratitude to those veterans from South Bend, explaining that, “from our hometown, people went and never came home, but they did it because they love our country.” He then followed Spells in his blessings, saying, “God bless you, God bless America, God bless John Adams High School.”

To end the ceremony, Mayor Pete Buttigieg began his speech praising Adams, declaring, “South Bend is so proud of John Adams High School.” He then commended Adams for holding the assembly for the students because, “It’s important that we take time to pause and honor the people who have served in our military.” Buttigieg, who served in the war in Afghanistan, inspired students at Adams to strive for peace, something he learned to do during his time deployed. “When we all come together to do something difficult, a lot of divisions that are set between us fall away.” As his message came to a close, Buttigieg thanked American Veterans who “take care of those things so that others can take them for granted.”

If you would like to donate to the homeless veterans of Miller’s Vets, visit http://www.millersvets.com/donate.html .

Courtesy of Mr. Walsh