Modern Artists of the Culture Club: The New Artistic Movement at Adams

Claire Hargis, Arts and Entertainment Editor

We have a wide variety of clubs here at John Adams High School, and it is safe to say that there is something for everyone when it comes to extracurricular activities. One of the newer clubs open for students at John Adams is the Modern Artists of the Culture Club, founded by students Zach Fernandez and Mateo Rey. Due to our schools abundance in available activities, Fernandez justifies the club’s importance stating, “this club has never been done in any form, and if anything, it is a movement of free expression in the city of South Bend.”  In Fernandez’s words, “Modern Artists of the Culture is a place where we students discuss different cultural topics referring to music, fashion, and film. We also provide a platform for all creators to showcase their art to John Adams and the South Bend community.” Fernandez continued to say that him and Rey, being creators themselves, enjoy discussing cultural topics and analyzing the current trends or fads within a safe environment that lacks judgement.

Currently the meetings consist of discussion about different music related topics, however Fernandez made it clear that the floor is truly open to any topic wished to be discussed by its members. Fernandez described how “people in our club want to create a therapy-type circle where we create poetry, songs, etc. to express how we feel in the moment, and eventually discuss our creations.” He also explained a current topic of the club: the line between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation within music and film. The difference between this club and others is that “we are open to all types of opinions and beliefs because we feel discussion brings resolution and change. Not only this, but we also provide a positive environment of collaboration and creativity, and we want to showcase our talents.”

The people Fernandez and Rey are looking for to join are the students who love to discuss music, fashion, and film, as well as people who have always wanted to create something that is bigger than themselves with the help of others. If you are interested in joining, the club meets every other Wednesday in Ms. Gilliams room. All you have to do is show up at 4:15 and be ready to discuss the arts.