Another Year, Another “Tower”

Claire Stowe, Editor-in-Chief

Another year begins, which means another generation of The Tower. This year, we are taking our paper in a new direction, away from just being the eight-page leaflet you find sitting on the cafeteria tables. We are launching our website, the first step towards The Tower Online. In recent years, the news industry has been drastically changing as video, audio, and mobile news has become increasingly popular. We here at The Tower don’t want to be left behind, so we are excited to announce our new online edition, as well as the developing RadioTower Podcast and additional video resources.

The Tower has been part of the Adams community since 1940, and every year it has changed, developed, and grown. This year, my co-editors Ryan Downey and Seth Kirkpatrick and I look forward to putting our personal touch on Adams news media. We have been working tirelessly to form our online presence, so please check us out at when we go live on Friday September 21st.

Seth has already begun to produce his podcast for the year, and is gearing up to record three episodes per week. These will both be featured on our website and on the RadioTower Soundcloud page. Ryan and I are continuing to create both online and printed versions of written news, although we will be cutting down on printing to only several issues per semester.  Additionally, we will create new ways for The Tower to become more heavily involved in both the Adams and local communities. We hope to continue to support and demonstrate exemplary student journalism as we transition into a new year with different reporters eager to carry on The Tower’s legacy.

Finally (I’m sure you’ve seen this spiel before if you’ve read The Tower in previous years), we always appreciate your opinion. This year, we are hoping to expand our Opinion-Editorial component, and we are always willing to hear from you. Please, please give us your opinions on any issue, it being schoolwide, local, or national. There is more information on our Letter-To-The-Editor policy on the left margin of the second page; we particularly encourage you to send us your comments via the “Submit a Letter” tab on our website.

Without any further ado, welcome back to Adams and to The Tower!  We hope that you have had an excellent return to school, and we will help in any and every way possible to make it a great year.