New Dance Team Coach Brings New Perspective



The John Adams Dance Team is back for the 2018 to 2019 school year and students should be expecting big things to come from it. According to the team, a few changes have been made, the biggest being the new coach, Zoe Curry. With this being her first time coaching a team, Zoe is focusing on freshening things up. For example, the team has increased in size since last year, with 20 members instead of just 10. Zoe explained her reasoning behind this by saying that “coming from the competitive dance team world, having a bigger team is always so much better. When I think of choreography, my brain has my dancers doing multiple things at a time, and you can’t really do that with a small team.” The team is also planning on exploring different styles of dance. Last year the team performed mostly hip-hop, which they will continue to do, but they will also add jazz and contemporary dances into the mix. Zoe gave her explanation for adding in the new styles saying, ¨I believe [hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary] are the most interesting and entertaining to watch for people who are not dancers. Also since we [the team] have such a diverse group of dancers that there will be a style for each person to embrace.”

You can see the team at their very first performance during the homecoming pep rally on September 14th and at the games this upcoming basketball season. Besides performing, the team will be hosting a few fundraisers including two car washes and a Halloween mixer. The Halloween mixer will be open to all students and there will be lots of dancing and snacks. The members of the team said that they are looking forward to this year as well and cannot wait to perform for their fellow students.