Student Stress

Sean Ciesielski, Student Contributor

Student stress can take many forms. It can arrive from bad home life and horrible teachers or caretakers that expect way too much from their kids. I have friends that suffer through this on an almost daily basis, and it pains me to hear them wish they were dead. This is a school and parental problem that needs to be fixed or many more will suffer in the future. 

I think that if students had less stress and more inspiration, they would be able to pursue better and higher education, not be afraid of going to college and failing because of stress. It is not fair that some students do better and are able to go to a good college while other students that struggle due to stress and anxiety and don’t get the help and support they need.  

Adults say if the student is having trouble in school that they need to ask for help or have them do something. But it isn’t that simple. Some people have some difficulties with talking in front of people. Teachers also need to not think narrow mindedly. They need to think about what they could improve on. This could range from lesson planning or a one on one with a student that you see that is struggling with the subject. 

In my opinion, there are many solutions to this problem. One solution to this problem is supporting the students emotionally and academically. If we can do this there will be more students wanting or at least passing school instead of students failing or not wanting to go to school due to the lack of faith they have on their ability to pass school. 

In summary student stress is a major problem that claims the lives of so many people. This problem can be solved though, this can be solved by teachers, parents, and caretakers helping students get them the help they need and takes the stress off of the student that way they can get the education they need and seek getting a higher education.