Australia Wildfires

Jacquelin Segundo, Student Contributor

In the last couple of months the wildfires in Australia have been all over the news. To bring awareness to all the people and animals that are injured or have died, from the destructive fires. More than half a billion animals have been affected. It is important that we help and protect the animals that were hurt in the wildfire because some of them are at high risk of going extinct. The wildfires in Australia have not been looking worse in the last couple of weeks. Australia is only halfway through their summer season, which means the temperature will still rise causing more fires. Many animals have no shelters and are running around on the streets, looking for water and food to survive. There are also a lot of people who have been evacuating their homes for safety. We should come together and help others who are in need because they did not choose for the wildfires to occur.

 Australia is suffering and they need more people to get involved and help out. The number of people and animals injured and dying are increasing.  Many people have lost their homes due to the wildfires and many don’t have anywhere to go. There are not many supplies and shelter places to help everyone around.  Some people are leaving and ignoring the situation. While others are fighting to try to save their homes. Many people are not aware of the situation that is happening. The more people know about this situation, the sooner the community can recover. 

Some people may think that we should help Australia in this tough situation because they have helped us so much in many different ways throughout the years. Austrailians fought alongside the U.S in every major U.S military action over the century some examples include, WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, The Persian Gulf, and many more. Australia was one of the first countries to commit troops to the U.S military operations in Afghanistan and Iran. Australia is also one of the largest importers of the U.S arms (both commercial and origin) in the world. Which shows how Australia is supporting and helping the U.S when we were struggling in our toughest times.

There have been many people and celebrities helping and making contributions by donating to the Australian Red Cross which helps many injured people and animals who have no place to go. Or the Salvation Army that helps feed and provide shelter to evacuees. Or even spreading the word can help open people’s eyes to the situation that is happening. For example making flyers and posting them around the streets or schools. Or even posting about it on your social media. Is a way many people can see it. There are many other organizations that people can help out on. With everyone’s help and contributions can really help many people and animals lives.  Who are in danger or are badly injured. 

In the past years we can see that Australia has always been supporting the U.S when they were in need. Now it’s Australia who is suffering and needs help from anyone they can get. The rainforest is one of Australia’s attractions because they have so many different animals that are nowhere else found in the world. Now many of those animals have been injured or not found.