YouTube Review: Do Not Look This Up

Loren Arzadon, Reporter

This article contains mentions of subjects that contain imagery of topics that may not be suitable for those with a light stomach, mental illness, or get scared easily.


Whatever you do, do not go to youtube and look up Username666.

Username666 is a viral YouTube video that exploded into popularity years ago, uploaded by user nana825763. Based of the CreepyPasta, Username666 shows what happens when you look up, during YouTube’s younger years. When the protagonist of the video first arrives to the website, it is completely normal, other than the fact that the user 666, has been suspended, and shows a list of various videos to watch other than the ones uploaded by user 666.

The person looking up Username666 refreshes the page, and a few times, it still is the same. It’s still suspended, but if when looked at closely enough, the text will begin to change. The page refreshes more and the videos are soon replaced, and soon enough the screen will grow redder and redder. Eventually, after enough tries, a user comes across the blood red and eye strain screen. User 666 is eventually seen and soon enough, a video of a drowning woman begins to play.

At this point the user tries to refresh and get back at the original YouTube website. The user tried click the x button, the profile of User 666, some other videos, and the pause button, but they weren’t able to get the video to stop playing. The video continued to play. At this point in the video, it began showing hands drenched in a red liquid, like blood. Thankfully, the computer crashes and the protagonist of the video is safe.

Some wonder, is this real? The answer is no. It is a CreepyPasta, which is a myth that originated online meant to scare people. The video is heavily edited and the user 666 does not exist in real life. If one chooses  to look up the user now, the account cannot be reached because it is not real.

Who is nana825763? Nana825763 is a completely normal person, despite their YouTube account displaying the complete opposite. He is an artist, who likes the aesthetics of horror and cuteness combined, which can be seen in his various videos with his dolls. He likes chaos and it is displayed in his work. But, other than uploading scary imagery, he prides himself with his collection of ants, since he is an avid ant keeper, and likes to upload his behind the scenes online.

So yes, it is possible look up Username666, but it is not recommended if the viewer is easily scared. It is the type of video that can cause nightmares. However, it is an interesting video and shows insight of a type of art that many people enjoy. There are a lot of people who are interested in creepy or scary art, despite it being off putting. The video is a classic and has over ten million views. However, remember that the video and it’s origins are not real. It is completely fake. But, on a scale from one to ten based off of a scary factor, it gets a ten.