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Naomi Presler
Naomi Presler is a 16 year old junior at John Adams High School and a reporter for The Tower. She is full of energy and very excited to continue her contribution and participation to the newspaper. She joined the newspaper last year because she wanted to get involved in activities and bring the news to others. She believes that the news is important to society because it provides factual information and it is important to spread meaningful and impactful stories. She has written about the G7 Summit and has written some senior spotlights. She can not wait to write about more recent events and to continue her involvement in The Tower.
Naomi loves to write about the news and recent events. She wants to be where the action is because she believes that is where you get the feel of the energy and get the story. In the future, she looks forward to getting a major in history and teaching others about the subject. History is very important to her that we can learn from the past so we do not make the same mistakes.
In her free time, Naomi likes to listen to music, bake, and hang out with friends. Naomi participates in cheerleading and tennis, and she cannot wait for both seasons to start. She is an avid reader and is very outspoken about her thoughts. Hannah Connell, her tennis doubles partner, says, “Naomi does not have to prove her abilities. She earns the respect of others by working to be the best in all that she sets her mind to.”

Naomi Presler, Reporter

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Naomi Presler