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Max Sekendy is a sophomore who transferred from Riley. Max transferred in the middle of last year and was only able to attend Adams for a month before the switch to e-learning. He transferred because he thought he would be able to get a better learning experience at Adams.
Max has always been interested in journalism. Max is a part of the football team and plays wide receiver. He is always busy and always doing something, such as going to football practices, doing homework, and hanging out with friends. In his spare time he loves to hangout with his friends and play football and basketball. Max loves watching sports, particularly football, basketball, and baseball. His favorite thing to do is to watch a Notre Dame football game on a Saturday. Max makes sure to never miss a Notre Dame football game. He tailgates before every home game, and his favorite player is Ian Book. Max loves eating, and he loves all types of food. His favorite restaurant is Brus Burger on Eddy street. He loves to get their wings, chicken sandwich and fries.
Max's dream is to be a sports announcer someday. He thinks he would be a good sports announcer because he loves talking about sports and knows a lot about sports. His favorite show is College Gameday which is a college football show before all the games on Saturdays. They talk about all the games and what their predictions are for the games. His dream is to someday be on College Gameday as an announcer.

Maxwell Sekendy

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Maxwell Sekendy